Fighting the Winter Blues

Despite how much I love this time of year, there are somethings about it which really aren't ideal. Keeping your skin looking healthy and hydrated is definitely one of them. I'm certainly not a fan of matt skin, I like a dewy look, but when the colder weather hits my skin does not naturally seem to have a dewy look. I suffer with quite dry skin, so Autumn/Winter I seem to get dehydrated skin and dry patches which my make up clings to - not quite the look I'm set on when I apply my make up. And on top of that this time of year I just find it harder to feel healthy and good about myself - so when ALOHA contacted me, I decided to it would be a good idea to work with them and put  together a little blogpost on how I deal with these winter blues.

Drink more water - I find this time of year as it's no longer hot, I find myself more likely to forget to drink water, so I've got myself a water bottle which I'm carry around with my and I am feeling the benefits - my skin doesn't seem quite so dehydrated and I'm just feeling all around better. Sometimes I'll add lemon slices to my water, to give it a bit of flavour and to feel all those health benefits

Lipbalm, Lipsbalm, Lipbalm - dry lips aren't nice. The EOS lipbalm is a god send I swear, it has saved my lips recently. The only complaint I have is the packaging doesn't really make it suitable to carry in your pocket - but it looks cool on my bedside table and I can pop it in my handbag

Eating healthy - here's one where I really need to practise what I preach. I've been feeling pretty slobby recently if I'm honest, I've been comfort eating a lot and struggling to get into being healthy again, however I was contacted by someone at ALOHA about this blogpost, and I'm finally feeling inspired to be healthy again. They have some many great looking recipes on their website that I couldn't wait to try some out, so I decided to give the Baked Apple Chip a go as I thought they'd be a great healthy replacement for my usual crisps/chips. They were super easy to make, didn't take make ingredients, super delicious and healthy, plus they filled my kitchen with an incredible cinnom, coconut apple scent while they cooked. Can't really go wrong there.

Rimmel wake me up foundation - This is my holy grail foundation, I can't remember a time I didn't use this foundation. It leaves my skin look glowing and isn't too heavy.

Neils Yard Facial Oil - a new favourite of mine,  I've been using this constantly since purchasing it, it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

The Body shop Body Butter - everyone loves the bodyshop body butters right?! Unfortunately the one I'm lovin' at the moment was a limited edition that I stocked up on. The Smokey Poppy Body Butter has the most beautiful dusky scent and does wonders for my skin this time of year. 

 How do you fight the winter blues?
Have you tried out any of the Aloha recipes?

Love ChloƩ


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