Fashion Blogger Chloe Harriets - on haystack wearing colour printed tee bought in India - New Habits Blog Post
Fashion Blogger Chloe Harriets - on haystack wearing colour printed tee bought in India - New Habits Blog Post

Every now and then, usually, when things feel a bit much, I like to take the time to examine the forever growing gap between who I am, and who I want to be. Look to see if there are any small things I can do, actions I can take to begin to close that gap.

So, with this in mind here are some new habits I'm trying to implement:

Earlier mornings: 

I'm at my most productive when I wake up early. Not just because it gives me a few extra hours in the day, but because that's when the motivation naturally hits me. I like the quietness of mornings, and there's something wonderful in gifting myself an hour or two, to spend on myself, while the rest of the world is still waking up. The issue is, as much as the next person, I find leaving the comfort of my bed to be a challenge, and that snooze button far too tempting. I've got to a point now, where I'm in a good sleeping pattern, where I wake up around 6.30 naturally, yet still moving from my bed requires work. But I'm learning to force myself out of bed earlier, giving myself a bit of extra time for me in the morning.

Daily Poetry:

As cliché as it may be, I've been on a journey with writing poetry. Not a straight-line journey, more of a zigzag, all over the place journey. I've been attempted to stop cringing when I admit that I like writing poetry and instead to find pride in it. I've been writing more because I long to be better at it. I want to be able to brand myself as a poet without feeling the imposter syndrome. So I purchased a  beautiful new notebook, and I'm attempting to write daily poetry, in the hope that I'll improve and find gold amongst the nonsense. Alongside daily poetry writing, I'm starting my morning flicking through my much-loved poetry books, and having a read.

Morning Pages: 

Morning pages are something I've heard about time and time again, I wrote them for a bit but got out of the habit within a few weeks, when I found myself snooze my alarm instead of embracing mornings of notebook scribbling, however with all the earlier mornings I'm intending on having, it seems like a no brainer to spend some time writing morning pages. In case your unsure what I'm talking about, morning pages, are the page you write, purely for you, with no filter and no edit when you first wake in the morning. You're supposed to write without much thought of what you're writing for three pages, I've heard about them in countless Youtube videos, but the idea originates from this book.

Couch to 5K: 

I've definitely let things slip with my fitness in the past few months. So to ease myself back into it, I've begun doing couch to 5k. The few weeks we're a little to easy for me, as running is not completely new to me, however, now I'm stuck into it, I'm really enjoying exercise again.

Aeroplane mode:

 I spend too much time on my phone. I'm on my phone unnecessary amounts, and then I wonder why I haven't managed to tick everything off my to-do list, yet I spend an hour aimless scrolling Instagram. I definitely want to start spending more time with my phone on aeroplane mode, or do not disturb, or even just switched off. I think it will do incredible things for my productivity and mental health.

More reading:

I already read daily, however, I'm a slow reader so I don't read anywhere near as much as I want to. I know, the more read, the better I write and the more inspired I feel. So I'm trying to read more. I'm trying to make use of the which was usually wasted, by taking my book on the go with me, getting it out in waiting rooms and on buses, listening to audiobooks when I run and do my make up. I'm starting my days reading poetry and magazine articles. I'm going to bed earlier so I get more time with my book. For someone who reads a lot, I've not read very much so far this year, and if I ever want to meet my Goodreads target for the year (which is only 30) I need to make sure reading became a priority.
Fashion Blogger Chloe Harriets - on haystack wearing colour printed tee bought in India - New Habits Blog Post

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