Blogger Chloe Harriets, outfit fashion picture - april roundup post
Sun shining through tree - blue skies. April round up blog post
Fashion blogger Chloe Harriets smiling and holding baby relative

College of picture from London Cocktail Club in Bristol

Fishes in Bristol Aquarium and Art work on wall at Bristol Museum
duck on water - april round up images

Backview of friends walking through fields - April round up pictures
Bristols Society Cafe - Plant filled coffee shop - April round up pictures
Lifestyle blogger Chloe Harriets dressed up ready for a night out - April round up blogpost
Backview of three friends on walk through fields Bristol - April roundup blogpost
Strawberry Ice Cream in the Sun. April Round up photos
Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Chloe Harriets enjoying an ice cream
Beautiful bathroom interiors
Pink blossom tree - beautiful nature - April round up post
three friends out for a walk, the downs Bristol

What I've Been Up To:

This month has been a really busy and equally wonderful one for me. It started with my cousin having a baby so has included newborn visits. I found myself on day trips to the aquarium and the museum. The weather has been beautiful and so I've been to duck ponds, on scenic walks and enjoying pub gardens. I've eaten endless pizzas, drank a lot of lattes and caught up with friends over brunch. I've visited a farm and ate the most delicious ice cream. I drank cocktails topped with sweets and shared secrets with friends. I watched Gilmore Girls and laughed. I  also have the best day visiting Wild Place, which will be up on my youtube channel soon. And spent Easter in the company of Sunshine and family

Reading | Books:

-Still Me by Jojo Moyes
- This is going to hurt by Adam Kay (I will write more about this on my instagram soon)

Reading | Blogs:

The Anna Edit on Mini Home Make Overs
In The Frow on Why We Don't Need Photoshop Our Bodies

Reading | Articles:

Dolly Alderton: 7 Lies Millenials Are Told

Listening | Podcasts:

Nobody Panic on dating
Nobody panic on guilt


New Girl
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Gilmore Girls (again, I know)

Let me know what you've been up to! I hope you had a great month too!
Love, Chloe x


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