windswept outfit picture by the pier

Coffee shop and sea views

What I've Been Up To:

Vision boardingAt the beginning of the month, I spent a bit of time vision boarding, being creative, and getting some clarity on what I want from the year.

Doing a Jigsaw Puzzle: A Christmas tradition in my house which I truly love is doing a jigsaw puzzle, so when in mid-January, my mum came home with a puzzle she'd be gifted, I couldn't help but 'waste' a couple of days completing a puzzle, pretending it was the festive period all over again.

Shooting with Madi: A day with Madi, taking photos and having a catch-up. It was great, as ever.

A Morning in Clevedon with Mum: I and Mum spent a morning wandering around the little one-off shops in Clevedon, strolling alone the Peer and having lunch in the cutest little cafe.

A Day Trip to Lacock: There's a full blog post on this one coming soon, so I'll keep this short. I and some friends explored Lacock, have a pub lunch and a muddy walk.

Bullet Journalling: The start of this year has really got me into bullet journalling again, as it's the perfect time to get organised. I've written a full blog post on it here.

The Anna Edit's Book Event: I wrote a bit about this in this Instagram caption so I'll keep it short. I went to Anna's An Edit Life book tour in Bristol.  There was a Q&A part, where Anna answered questions, which was both insightful and funny. I met many lovely girls, including Anna herself. I left the event feeling really inspired.



The Rule Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy - I wrote a  bit about this in this Instagram caption so I won't talk too much about it here. I really enjoyed this memoir, I thought the writing was stunning and it felt very true to life.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng: It took me a while to get into this, but as soon as I did, I was hooked. This book revolved around two families but contains lots of different stories which are all entangled. It's clever and the characters have so much dimension to them which makes them feel very real. I would really recommend this.


What is Love by Natasha in Red magazine
Losing and Finding in Love by Gabrielle Minkey in Red magazine


Wonderful You - Why I Live Alone
Madeleiine Grace: Things I Learned From A Decade in Retails
The Little Plum: Little Love Rituals
Poppy Deyes: How To Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed


Gilmore Girls: Still, I'm making my way through Gilmore Girls, I've just reached season 7 so I'm nearing the end.

Riverdale: I think probably one of the only people who is enjoying this season of Riverdale more than the others. I know, it's a bit more 'out there', but I'm finding it so more interesting than I did, back when Cheryl seemed to have a weird crush on her twin brother.


Gilmore Guys: I am well and truly deep in my Gilmore obsession, listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast as I watch the show. It's hilarious and interesting.

I hope you have a great January!