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As tradition on chloeharriets.com - here are my goals for 2018. Let's hope work to make them happen.

1) Write the book
- I have an abandoned first draft of the first chapter of a novel on my laptop, during 2018 I'm going to dedicate time to finish writing my first book. 2018 will be the year I stop talking about writing and actually writing.

2) Save and make more money than last year - Money is often a taboo subject, however, I don't believe anything negative comes from making money, in fact, everyone wants to do it. Money gives you the freedom and there is nothing wrong with wanting to earn it. During 2018 I'd like to make more money, if I can pull my career in the direction I'd like it to go, then this is very possible. I'd also like to save more money. You never know when you might need it for a rainy day.

3) Be the planner, organise things - I'm not a planner. I'd say 90% of the time I have plans with friends, is because somebody else has picked up the phone and made the arrangement. It's not intentional, I think because I enjoy spending time at home and by myself, I forget how much I also enjoy doing things and seeing friends. I'll be the first to admit it makes me kind of a rubbish friend. I will be putting a lot more effort into organising things to do with friends and family in 2018.

4) Take better care of my body - Whether than means moisturising my beyond my face regularly, exercising more often or saying no to that last drink, or eating too many biscuits. I want to stop abusing my body and taking it for granted. I want to look after myself. Eat well, exercises,  paint my nails, maybe even shave my legs. If I took better care of myself, I'd like to think my world would improve and I'd feel like a new person, so let see.

5)  Visit more places - I'm not a big traveller, and although I'd don't plan on seeing the entire world in 2018 I'd like to see more of it. Whether that means weekends away in the UK or spending a week exploring a country I've never visited - I'd like to spend more time outside of Bristol, there's a lot to see out there after all.

6) Take steps toward buying a house - I'm 26 so having space beyond my single bedroom in my Mum house would be incredible. I love the idea of being able to play with interiors and really make things my own. During 2018 I want to have at least taken some steps towards getting my own place. From saving money to meeting with mortgage advisors, it would be great to end the year knowing that owning a home in is the near future.

7) Gain some direction and success in my career - Since having left Uni, I have been at a complete loss careerwise. I've known the kind of things I want to do, but haven't got a job in the right area and I haven't made money from the things I'd like to one day call my career. 2018 will be the year I gain a little direction. Get a new job in an area which will benefit me. Work with brands on the blog. Continue working with New Day Knitwear because that makes me feel good. Put 100% into the work that I do, and make sure the work that I do gives me purpose. By the end of the year, it would be amazing to have the start of a career which will make me proud.

8) Take YouTube more seriously - Promote my channel (you can subscribe here), stop feeling embarrassed by it. Work to build an audience. Keep up a regular schedule. Play with my creativity and explore new ideas. Do Vlogmas in some form (yes that's right. Vlogmas will be happening.)

9) Don't accept less than wonderful - Stop letting people treat me like crap because I fancy the pants off them, or because I just want them to like me. Be friends with lovely people. Call people out when they put me down. Stop trying to impress everyone. Don't do tear-inducing jobs for minimum wage. Know my worth. Mediocre won't do. I want a wonderful life.

Please let me know some of your New Years goals in the comments! I'm obsessed with New Years, and it would be great to hear what you'd like from 2018.

Let's make 2018 lovely!
Happy New Year, it's going to be a good one.