Recently, I've found myself feeling content, a lot of the time, which has been kind of wonderful - so I thought I'd share some tips for staying content with you

- Clear the Air - there's nothing worse than having unwanted, unnecessary drama keeping your mind busy. Just clear the air with people. If you're unsure of where you stand, just ask, if you owe someone an apology, say sorry, if you holding a grudge, ask if that's serving you a purpose - if it does not drop it.

- Clear Out, Tidy Up - Having less stuff you don't want, makes life nicer. Knowing where all you're belonging are and banishing the 'I can't find this stress' is also pretty life-changing.

- Remember is okay to ditch the to-do list - the likelihood is that when you die, you'll still have a to-do list (morbid, yes, but true) so expecting the list to end when you don't put a stop to it. Don't feel guilty if you ditch the to-do list - the majority of things on it probably really aren't worth the stress they're causing.

- Don't go to the thing you don't want to go to - 'Thank you for the invite, but I think I'll give it a miss" is a sentence you need to learn. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed because you're rushing around to be at a time to a thing, which you don't to want to go to and spending money you don't want to spend. Just say no if it's not for you.

- Recognise how people make you feel, adjust the amount you let them into your life depending on this - Don't hang out with someone that makes you feel sad if you don't have to - that's a lonely party no one wants to be invited to.

- Get comfortable with what you like - When I finally started admitting I like poetry I began to feel happier. Have hobbies based on what you like, and remember it's okay to talk about things, even if other people don't necessarily love them like you do.

- Remember what other people think of you is none of your business - It's a freeing thing to know you can't control what others think of you and it doesn't matter.

- Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself - Seriously, no matter how pretty someone insta feed is if you fill up with bitter jealousy when browsing their beautiful bikini pictures for their 10th holiday this year, just unfollow. If someone ghosted you and you feel crap about it, unfollow them. When you unfollow them, they disappear, and so do those negative emotions.