I recently turned 26. For some reason, I felt like a child again, as the fireworks lit up the sky in colourful blurs, in the night before my birthday (to put that into context, I was born November 6th, the day after bonfire night). It had been a couple of years since I felt the butterflies in my stomach build up in anticipation of what the next day might bring. There is no real reason that I reverted back to my childhood in the midst of turning 26. I just had a good feeling about this birthday, about being 26. I wanted my birthday to feel magic again, I wanted to feel special again, so I did.

26 has always been my lucky number, with no real reason, I think when I was younger I picked a number I liked and it stuck, for me, that was enough reason to allow myself child-like excitement this year.

As my birthday was on Monday this year, I celebrated with friends the weekend before,  we went for a meal in Browns, which was a stunning setting, the food was great, and we're probably not classy enough to be in there, which made it so much greater. I wore this Zara dress which made me feel beautiful and just enjoyed catching up with a lot of my closest friends, over delicious food and rosé wine.

On the Saturday before my birthday, I went on a night out with a couple of close friends, we drank, we dance and had a great time (sadly, we didn't take any photos, on a lot of the best night you don't)

On the night before, myself, and some close friends went to see a firework display. We drank hot chocolate and enjoyed the sky being lit up with pretty lights. Although this technically was not a birthday celebration, it made my pre-birthday weekend even more special so I thought it deserved a mention.

On my actual birthday day, I vlogged, so if you wish you can watch that below or on my Youtube Channel. I had a lovely day, which I spent with my Mum, Sister and Auntie, we explored Tetbury, wandered through all of the knick knacky shops, which we filled with both a mixture of gems and junk.  We then went for lunch in the Close Hotel - the food was incredible, it was so delicious. I was, of course, pretty much full after my Calamari starter than I ended up taking home half of my mushroom pasta (it was so yummy I couldn't leave behind) and had to give the dessert a miss.
Alongside great food, The Close Hotel also made a lovely setting. - The grounds outside are beautiful, on a warmer day, I'd love to explore them more. Inside was also lovely, besides a questionable choice in blinds, they pretty much had the interiors down.

I later headed home and had a birthday nap, because a birthday is a perfect excuse to do anything I want, and I wanted to nap (I say like I don't nap most days, lol)

I hope you enjoyed the diary-style post - and don't mind the mix-match of both camera and phone photos - I thought I'd include the pictures which maybe are not quite blog-worthy for quality memories sake.

Please watch my vlog from the day too!

I'm excited about 26 - the first few weeks have been pretty great!