I used to write a weekly round-up post, where I’d reflect on the previous week and share all the great things I read, watched and enjoyed. I found writing them somewhat therapeutic but they soon got abandoned as they were difficult to schedule and writing them on Sunday wasn’t always an option. I missed them so I’ve decided to start writing a monthly round-up instead. 

So October, honestly, I’ve been a bit of a hermit this month, a mixture of trying to save money and trying to get organised with uhhh, life, has meant my social life hasn’t exactly been blossoming, nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed the month. 

October is one of my favourite months, I’m a big fan of autumn so just find myself feeling more content this time of year. My highlights from the month have included going to a Halloween Party, and for a lovely Autumn Walk with plenty of photo opportunities (as you can see in this post). Feeling poorly has meant I had to cancel a few plans which is a shame but despite my cold, I'm feeling perkier than I was.

Gilmore Girls (again lol) 
500 Days of Summer 

Grit by Angela Duckworth
Wonderful You - The Start of Something New
Scarlett Curtis on Female Bosses
Poppy Deyes - Let's Not Wish Time Away

Heart of it Podcast - Mom
Crash on my Couch 28
Get it off Your Breasts 6

Hat - Topshop (similar linked)
Jeans - ASOS
Jumper - New Look (old, sorry)

If you're interested in the rest of my monthly favourites, you can watch the video below or on my Youtube Channel

I hope you had a great month! Let me know your highlight in the comments! x

on a side note - I've had to republish this due to issues with Bloglovin',  which is why it looks like it's up a month late