My pink obsession continues, this time in the form of the beautiful fluorescent knit.
A few weeks ago I was supposed to be window-shopping in Urban Outfitters, when this pink jumper caught my eye (which is hardly surprising considering how bright it is!), as it was on sale (£20!!!) so I decided to treat myself, unsure really how much wear I'd get out of it given the time of year and the bright colour.  Well to answer my own question - I've got a lot of wear out of it in the short amount of time I've had it (enough to see its blog post worthy). The bright colour is surprisingly easy to match with anything - it just seems to go, even when you don't expect it to. I'm especially loving wearing it with some simple black jeans - but I've worn it with dresses, skirts, dungarees - pretty much anything and everything in my wardrobe.

 The colour also gives some Spring vibes to a slightly more cosy outfit, because let's be honest it not as warm as it looks (when the sky is actually blue), and when they sky isn't blue, it's grey, and rainy - really all-around jumper appropriate weather. 

The jumper is slightly cropped, and a little baggy with a perfectly cuffed hem and sleeves. I have had so many compliments on this piece, whether it's on the chunky style knit or the gorgeous shade of pink - everyone seems to love it, and so do I! 

This is a piece which is great to just throw on, feel comfy, and still turn heads. It's effortless and effective.