Drawn in by the creativity and relatability of the announcement video, and the cute illustrations on the cover, I decided to get myself a copy of Almost Adulting by Arden Rose. I've got to say, this book has pleasantly surprised me. It was a very easy read and I could hear Arden's voice in her writing, which I really loved.

The book is split into short chapters, and there are illustrations throughout, making it easy on the eyes and a more enjoyable read.

I ended up reading the entire book in one day, it's quite short at just 196 pages, and the carefree tone made it perfect for a bit of Sunday afternoon reading. However, I can imagine this book being pretty easy to dip in and out of if that's how you prefer to approach your reading.

The book is aimed a those in their 20s, where you're technically classed as an adult, but also don't have clue how to be an adult, it other words, I felt like this book was written with me, at this stage of my life in mind.

The book covers many topics - from long-distance relationships, styling your living space, mental health and sex.

 Throughout the book, Arden is very honest about all of her experiences,  and I think sometimes, it just refreshing and reassuring to hear someone being truthful. The book pushes and breaks the stigma surrounding mental health, online dating and masturbation as Arden approaches the subjects in such an honest and to the point, yet eloquent way. I loved the way Arden fearlessly spoke the truth, and let young people know, there is no shame in pulling out your hair,  or not feeling ok, and having a wank every now and then (lol). Something's which we often are ashamed of ourselves for growing up. We have enough to figure out in this stage of our lives, we need to know that it's okay to not always feel okay, and to not be as perfect as everyone expects.

The book had the perfect balance between discussing more important, somewhat serious topics, yet giving them a lighthearted edge to them. It didn't feel at all heavy to read - if anything the opposite, but still, some things discussed 'real' concerns we face as we blindly enter adulthood.

I found this book very honest, and open, yet funny light-hearted and relatable - I'll strongly recommend it.