I recently spent the day in London with my Mum. I wanted to go to poetry reading which was on Portobello Road, so Mum and I decided it was the perfect excuse to have a bit of a day trip and spend some time together.

Rather than stray too far, we decide to explore Portobello Road.

We started with a coffee and cake from Artisan Bakery - I had a blueberry muffin, and I can safely say it was the nicest muffin I have ever eaten, and I'm not even big fan of blueberries. 

It was nice to have a little wander along and appreciate the market and pastel colour houses. I was hoping for some better shops along there, but I had a great day, so I can't complain.

We stopped in The Duke of Wellington a little later for some food. I opted for an open goats cheese and pepper sandwich, which was delicious. To go with this a had a cup of tea because you can't go wrong with a cuppa!

In the evening we arrived at The Gin Distillery and had a drink. I then headed upstairs to the poetry night. Mum did come in with me, as poetry doesn't interest her. I felt a little nervous going in alone, but I love Charly Cox who was performing her poetry so I decided I wasn't going to let my anxiety stop me doing something which I want to do.

When I arrived, Charly knew I was going alone, and kindly found me some other lovely girls who also went alone, so we all sat together. I had a fab night. Charly's poetry reading was great. She explained why she has written the poem which she read which I found really interesting, and of course, she has a wonderful way with words. I felt very inspired!
photograph taken from Charly's Instagram (@charlycox1)
Everyone was really welcoming and lovely, although I went alone I managed to get chatting to a few people. I was very happy to meet Estee Lalonde and Lily Pebbles after watching them for years. Of course, I loved meeting Charly, I think I am possibly her biggest internet stalker - but she is also so so lovely IRL, and she seemed pleased to meet me too which is always nice.

All-round I have a great day, I did vlog, so that will be up on my Youtube Chanel soon enough. It nice to explore London every now and then!