I cannot believe it's time for another Sunday Reading post, but here it is... Happy Sunday.

What have I been up to?
I've had a pretty good week. It began with bank holiday Monday, a day which I spent the morning with friends, and had a nice chilled afternoon, all of which I vlogged (it was supposed to be up on Saturday but life happened, it will definitely be up next Saturday though). This week has also included bowling with friends, a shopping day in Clevedon with family and the usual work, blogging, reading, etc.

My Blog
I decided to not post to the blog on Monday, as it was the bank holiday - so I've been a little quieter than usual. But my May goals and a Spring nail post did go live, which I was happy with the outcome of.

Honestly, I'm not really too sure what I'm posting next week. I'm feeling a bit burned out, and blogging block in creeping in - so I may have a quiet week rather than posting crap.
I've been thinking a lot about the direction I want to take my blog. I definitely want to start posting more fashion, more personal pieces and poetry. I find it harder to take fashion photos because I take all of the photos myself using a tripod, self-timer and phone remove - which means all photos end up being in the glamourous setting of my front of the back garden, I'm yet to feel brave enough to go into public to take photos all by myself - I feel like I'll get double a number of stares for using the self-time - I may see if I can rope some friends into helping me out - if I ever make money from this little website of mine, I will, of course, look into paying somebody to take photos (damn not having an Instagram boyfriend).

My Youtube Channel
I've already touched on this, but I didn't get up my Saturday vlog as promised, it will be up next week though. Instead, I'm been spending time working on a Lookbook - editing a lookbook is more time consuming and difficult than I expected.

Reading - Books
I'm getting more into On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher and am beginning to really enjoy it. I really like Vincent's character. It's unlike anything else I've read before, however it is slightly far fetched.

Reading - Articles
I don't know what I am by Grace Dunham

Reading  - Blogs
New Years Resolutions 5 Months on by Hannah Witton 

Watching Youtube
My Daughter by Jason Davis
So You've Messed up by Lucy Moon
Taking Time Out by Niomi Smartt

Watching - Series
After feeling serious FOMO seeing anything Lucy and Lydia posted on social media they as they visited the Tree Hill Set. I decided to watch re-watch One Tree Hill - it's not on UK Netflix, but I've had the first series on DVD in years so I got it back out. Oh dear lord, I forgot how much I love Lucas Scott, and relate Peyton Sawyer. So much love for One Tree Hill - I think treating myself to the rest of the series is going to be required!

Listening - Podcasts
COMC by Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire

Monthly Goal Review
I've decided to add a new segment to my already too long Sunday Blog post, where I review any progress with my monthly goals (post here) in order to ensure I remain focused on my goals.

1) Post two youtube videos a week - well we all know that didn't happen this week, but next week it will!
2) Arrange acting lessons - not done, will put on my Monday to-do list.
3) Exercise - I went for a run, which was one more run than the week before. Small steps eh?!
4) Take more photos - I've taken a few phone photographs, not so many camera ones.
5) Post more fashion to Instagram - my mum is becoming my Instagram husband an took an ootd for my Instagram yesterday, and I posts a fashion picture yesterday also!
6) Paint more - erm about that, it will happen, just hasn't yet.
7) Spend less time on my phone - the problem is I think I'm full on addicted, it's not on me right now, that's a start, right?

and apologise for the length of this post, well done if you've made it through!
Enjoy your Sunday.