When it comes to New Years, it seems social media gets bombarded with everyone giving their opinion on what the start of a New Year means, and their plans for the year coming - as yes, sorry to say I am joining that train.

Now I find you get people one way or another - they either go full on soppy with a facebook status about that year that's just passed and how wonderful the new year will be, or they take the piss out of the soppy ones, and call crap on all the resolutions.

Now I'm not staying I stick to all of my New Years Resolutions, I certainly did not last year, however I enjoy to make them as I think it's important to have aims for the coming year. I think for me New Years brings hope. I don't know what's to come in the next year but it's a fresh start and making resolutions feels like a way to plan the year you intend to have.

Before I start with my goals I thought I'd share the few pictures I took as I celebrated New Year with a few close friends.

So now the ramble is over, here are some of my goals for 2016:

Stay mindful - it's easy to get wrapped up in little things in day to day life, from now I'm going to try to be more mindful in my thinking, stress less, and be more aware of the world outside my little life.

Take better care of myself - this includes everything from making healthy choices when eating, drinking less alcohol and more water, taking some extra time on my skincare, meditating,  spending an extra five minutes getting ready in the morning and exercising.

Appreciate people - especially my Mum. Sometimes when I've had a bad day I'll (unintentionally) take it out on the people I love, this is something I really need to stop.

Find time for things I love - do you ever not do something for ages, that when you go back to it you remember how much you love it and wonder why you don't do it more. In 2016 I plan to make time for the things I love, so I don't forget how much I love them. This includes things such as reading, drawing, and being creative, as  I find these are things I tend to forget when I get wrapped up in life.

Love blogging throughout - I had a bit of a love hate relationship with blogging through 2015, and I think that was because I put too much pressure on myself, I was so concerned about getting post up that they sometimes lacked quality, and I wasn't always blogging for enjoyment, it was because I felt I should. This year I want to blog for the enjoyment, and create a place on the internet I love to come. A quote comes to mind "when you feel like quitting, remember why you started" - when I lose joy in blogging I need to take a moment to remember why I fell in love with it in the first place.
Be more organised - it's safe to say I'm unorganised, and I am certainly not a planner, however recently I have began spending a little more time planning out blog things and not only found myself being more productive but I've enjoyed blogging more. 

Own less, invest more - I think sometimes people get a little materialistic and don't appreciate what we have. I recently had a big clear out and I feel a million times better now my room is not clogged up with stuff that I have no love for or has no purpose to me anymore. I don't want pointless stuff anymore, this year I'm going to aim to keep my space clear of the stuff I need, buy investment instead of cheap, and get things I appreciate and love only.

Save money - I say this each year, I somehow manage to work long hours five days a week and yet still have no money to spare at the end of the month, however if I'm owning less and not buying things I don't need maybe this will be the year I come out of it with some money to spare.

Practice Photography constantly - through 2015 I saw photography change from being something I did only for my blog, to a great love of mine.  Through 2016 I want to take a camera everywhere with me and capture everything, learning about photography outside the comfort zone of a lipstick in my bedroom.

Take more photos - this comes hand in hand with my last one. At the end of each year I find myself wondering what on earth I actually did they year before. This year I plan to photography it all, who knows, maybe I'll even scrapbook it at the end of the year if I'm feeling super organised.

Catch up with old friends - I feel as if I've lost touch with a lot of people who were once very important in my life this year. I think sometimes life gets on top of you and you forget to find time for people, and suddenly the people you used to see most days you don't see for month on end. I have found myself missing a lot of people over the past year, and it's now time to act on that. In 2016 I intend to rekindle a lot of old friendship.

Make new friends - This one I think gets harder the older you become. I'm quite shy so making new friends isn't the easiest, however when you realise someone you once saw an as acquaintance, is becoming a friend you choose to spend your time with, that's something quite special. I also think it's very important to have friends all ages, from all backgrounds, you can learn a lot from being around different groups of people

Make time for those whose company feel right - I wasn't sure how to put this one, but hopefully you'll understand what I mean when I explain a little.  There are certain people we don't appreciate enough until we see them. Those friends you rarely see, but when you do you realise how lucky you are to have them, and how you just click with them and the world feels slightly lighter in their company. You can be sure you'll feel comfortable and happy around them - these are people I need to make extra time for (and yes there some names in particular which come to mind.. going to text these people now.)

Have driving lessons - since turning 17  I have been putting off learning to drive, although I'm sure the image of myself in my head, I would have been driving by 24, however I'm terrified of learning to driving, however the longer I leave it the harder it get, well this year is definitely time I bite the bullet and book some lessons.

Always go to bed in a tidy room - Each evening I'm going to make sure I take 10 or so minutes to somewhat tidy my surroundings. A tidy space, a tidy mind and all that - each morning feels like a fresh start when you wake in a clear space rather than having to rummage through your floordrobe to find something which is acceptable and not too creased to wear the next morning.

Always make my bed in the morning - similar to the one before, if you let your room become sloppy and messy your mind will feel that way.

Career change - being 24 when it comes to my career I am far from where I want to be, although I know it may be years before I can do what I intended to do with my life, this year I plan to take some steps in the right directions. I am going to look for a day job which is more fulfilling, where I look forward to work each day, and I am also going to work my ass of here and on my youtube (which I know has been very neglected recently, but change is coming .. and a new camera) to create content that makes me proud in hope I can start to build a future doing what I love,

Interact with other bloggers - one aspect of blogging I'm sure I majorly miss out on is the social part, I tend to quietly just write my own blog posts, and silently enjoy the ones other have written. In 2016 I intend to make an effort to interact with other bloggers more, and possibly even make friends through blogging. 

Now that was one hefty blog, but what can I say, I can't help but feel hope when a New Year comes around, and yes I've got a lot of goals for 2016 but that's what the start to a New Year is all about isn't it?

What you do want to achieve in 2016?