If you read my blog regularly (are there any of you?!) you'll remember a few weeks back I spent the weekend in London (blogpost here) with my Mum and Auntie to see War Horse.
Unfortunately I only managed to get a few sneaky iphone photos as I wasn't too sure if I was allowed to be taking photographs so didn't want to whack out my DSLR, plus I also wanted to watch the show rather than see it purely through a camera lens - so apologies the photos with this blog post aren't the greatest and don't do the show much justice.

I went to see  War Horse, completely blind as I have never watched the film or read the book so I didn't really know what to expect, although  if I'm completely honest I'll say my expectations weren't that high. I assumed the story of War Horse was going to be very predictable, I mean the title War Horse pretty much gives it away right? What more could there be to it than a horse which goes to war?
Well I've got to say I was pretty wrong about that. There was more to the story than I expected. I was hooked on the story from start to finish. What impressed me most was how the story was told.

There weren't many props, at all (besides the horse of course... does that count as a prop or a costume?). The stage was close to empty. There wasn't all that much speaking, and a lot of the speaking wasn't in English.

As for the horse, it was not at all what I had expected - there were two horses used for the main horse - the young horse and the adult horse. Both of the horses looked like a simple skeleton of a horse, in which you could see the people controlling it, especially with the young horse where the people controlling it were stood besides the horse. At the beginning I thought 'well this is going to be distracting, I can see that it's not a horse', how wrong was I?! The movement of the horse were so realistic, it wasn't long at all until the people controlling the horse became invisible and I began to feel attached to the horse. 

The only real means of telling the story was the acting, which is exactly what I loved about the show. You could see how talented the actor were,  to tell the story so greatly that the audience felt an attachment to it's characters.

At the end of the show when the actors came to take a bow, you could see the emotions on actors faces, especially the gentleman who played the main character so well, he was in tears, which strangely was lovely to see as you could really see the importance of the show to the people involved.

I would strongly recommend going to see this if you have a chance. It was brilliant. 
If you get the chance I'd strongly recommend going to see it!

Love Chloe