I've noticed people often say to me "you're too nice". Recently, this is something I have found myself pondering a lot as I am beginning to hear it more and more. 

I found myself thinking, how can you be too nice? Surely being nice is a positive trait, so how can you be too nice? Or can we get too much of a good thing? 

I came to the conclusion, that I'm not the one with the problem, yes I am nice, but that is not the problem, it's people willing to take advantage of my kind nature, which ends up with me feeling like crap and used, and the other person is probably most of the time completely unaware their behaviour has even affected me. 

What happened to karma? When do I get my good karma for always giving people the benefit of the doubt or making an effort with people who give nothing back?

Although I do not feel I should stop being so 'nice', I think it is about time I became more aware of the people who won't appreciate this, as I constantly feel as if people are walking all over me, and more often than not, it's the same people.

I am by no means going to stop being nice because I think being nice is so important, but I think I came to a point where I have realised I do not want to be walked all over, and I need to have much more respect for myself.

From now I am going to start saying no to things I don't want to do, and stop doing favours I know won't get returned...

Sorry, this post is not the most positive, however, I felt the need to put this all down in writing (well, typing) as I have found myself reflecting on how I constantly feel used, and decided this needs to stop and I need to gain so respect for myself. I am sick of being a pushover, so it's no more Mr (miss) nice guy (girl), well only in the case of those who don't deserve it.

I will be perfectly lovely to everyone else.