If you read this blog post, you'll know I recently purchased the Lush Amandopondo bubble bar after feeling down, stressed and in need of a pamper.

I am so pleased with the buy I thought I would let my little blog know!

I have very sensitive skins, so although I have used Lush products many times before, I always feel cautious when trying out the new bath, shower or skincare products and find myself using minimal quantities of products (especially scented products) just in case it causing any irritation to my skin, on the plus side, all products I buy last ages!

I found despite using a minimal amount of the bubble bar, my bath was filled with bubbles and the scent was so fresh and relaxing - it's sweet without being sickly and overpowering which I find with a lot of sweeter scents. I actually love the scent so much I've found myself researching the ingredients to see if I can find a candle containing similar things which will hopefully give off the same sort of smell (Lush need to get a range of candles).

I will definitely be picking up one of these next time I am in Lush, I have had the perfect relaxing bath, got a few uses out of it, and the price wouldn't break the bank either!