Recently I have rediscovered an old favourite lipstick of mine, Lady Danger by MAC.
I lost this lipstick a few months back so stopped wearing it, when I found the lipstick (in an old handbag, of course) it took a place amongst my other lipsticks in my lipstick stand and became half-forgotten. 

However, after oversleeping slightly one morning, shoving up my up in a bun, and quickly applying some mascara, I felt as though I was going to work looking a complete mess. Before the house, I grabbed this lipstick and applied it. I just felt a million times better. It was such an effortless look, yet together look.

Ever since I've begun reaching for Lady Danger more again.

I'd describe the shade as a bright orange-red. It has a matt finish and unlike other matt finish lipstick this lipstick isn't dying, it's also fairly long-lasting, a quality I feel a lot of lipsticks lack.

I have completely fallen in love with this lipstick all over again, it gives a beautiful bright red lip. 

What's your favourite red lipstick?

Love Chloe

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