Friday, 11 January 2019

Some Personal Accomplishments From 2018:

- Quit my job which made me unhappy.
- Went to personal training sessions 2-3 times a week throughout the summer, and enjoyed them. Became fitter than ever. Learned to challenge my body and mind.
- Read 23 books.
- Got back into driving lessons after having to stop due to illness.
- Completed a course on writing for the magazines, and received feedback which made me think 'maybe I can actually do this writing thing'.
- Sent endless pitches to magazines, and didn't give up, despite feeling disheartened by the rejections.
- Completed Vlogmas.
- Forced myself to go places, to socialise with my friends when I was terrified of fainting.
- Went on a beach holiday for the first time in years.
- Blogged to a regular schedule through the majority of the year.
- Went to a blogging event.
- Wrote 45000 words of my first book.
- Posted personal poetry to Instagram, allowing myself to be vulnerable online.
- Realised when being vulnerable online was affecting how I felt and knew it was time to stop sharing.
- Rebuilt some family relationships.
- Felt my saddest and got through it.
- Had a really nice day, despite being 'dumped' by the guy I was seeing.
- Improved some friendships.
- Booked my driving test.
- Became less anxious about sex.
- Didn't give up.
- Wore a bikini without thinking about how my body looked.
- Had some people I admire follow me on social media (hello Emma Gannon and Lucy Sheridan).
- Stop reckless spending.
- Didn't buy more lipsticks or eye palettes.


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