Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Round Up

Essie Wicked | Pretty New Palette | Autumn Leaves

Feelings: I've felt a lot better this week, more positive and determined. 

Work: Another week I've not been in work much, I had thursday and friday booked off as I needed to use holiday. However the days which I was working were pretty good days, not many stressful work days this week.

Home: not much to update you on here, everything at home is good as usual, but nothing exciting has happened around home.

Out and About: After weeks of feeling like a hermit, I finally feel as though I have a social life again. On Thursday I met my mum in the afternoon and we went shopping around town, got food and had a lovely day together, days like that need to happen more. On friday I went shopping by myself in town in hope to find an outfit, of course I had no such luck, but I did bump into my friend Hannah who I haven't seen for a while so it was nice to have a catch up. 
On Friday night I went out with work friends, and had a great night,
and Saturday night I went out with my friend Jaynie and also had a great night, saw some people I haven't seen in a long time. 

Watching and Reading: Of course, I am still completely hooked on PLL, other than that I've not watched or read much this week. 

Purchases: The I Heart Make Up Explicit Content Palette - so many good colours (I probably also purchased too much alcohol this week, but lets not mention that.

Highlight of the week: You sometimes when you see someone you haven't seen in a long time, and you feel relieved because you missed them, but you didn't realised you missed them until you get that feeling? I'm not sure if I've done a great job of explaining what I meant there, but that feeling had been my highlight of the week, and my day with my mum.

How last weeks goal went: Good, I vlogged two days, and edited slightly, I still need to finish editing and uploading, but I enjoyed vloggng again.

Goal for next week: Go running, more that once.

I hope you've all had a good week.


Monday, 12 October 2015

Birthday Wishlist

It my 24th (crazy I know!) birthday coming up early next month, and I keep being asked what gift I'd like, so I thought I write a little wishlist for those asking what I'm after to inspire some ideas. Obviously I am not expecting all of these, or any, for the matter however I felt it made sense to write a blog post on it as I feel as though I'm constantly telling friends and family what I'm after.
The Olympus Pen E-PL7 (and I'm also lusting after a 45mm lens to go with it). I've heard so many good things about this camera, and I think it would be super handy for taking blog photos while I'm out and about, rather than lugging around my DSLR, or missing out on great blog photo opportunities because I don't want to be carrying my big camera around all day. 

I have absolutely fallen in love with the lipstick holder from anthropolgie. Being a lipstick addict, I like to keep my lipsticks organised in a lipstick stand - this one is a hell of a lot nicer than the clear  plastic one I currently have, and will look beautiful on my dressing table.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
I have both the original Naked Palette and the Naked Smokey Palette, but two Naked Palettes is clearly not enough! My all time favourite shade of eye, ever, is Urban Decay Half Baked - which of course I have well and truly hit pan on in my original Naked Palette - so rather than repurchase the original, or an individual eye shadow, I've noticed Half Baked is also in the Naked 2 Palette, so why not get the whole thing, I would love to experiment with all the shades in here, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this palette!

 I'm yet to have an owned a Diptyque candle, however I've been lusting one for a while. Since watching a video on the Youtube channel BeautyCrush, I'm desperate to get my hands on this one, hearing Sammi's description of the scent, I can't wait to give it a smell - but I'm sure the scent will be one which I love, especially if the candle lives up to the Diptyque name!

Have you tried any of these product'? I'd love to hear what you think!



Sunday, 11 October 2015

Weekly Round Up

I've decided to start doing a regular weekly round up post on Sundays as a way for me to reflect on the week just gone, and prepare for the coming week. These posts may be a little more casual, and journal-like (that can be a word, right?), a way for me to allow a little more of me on my blog, rather than the usual beauty posts. 

I thought it might be nice to write something a little more casual and to go alongside this I'm going to sum up my week on instagram - I post instagrams as if they're my little scrapbook, so it makes sense to include them here too!

Monday 5th October - Sunday 11th October 
Left to right: a quote to keep in mind | Essie buys | Sandtropez and Desperately Seeking Sequins
Coffee and Cake | MAC Lipstick Giveaway has gone live | Shameless Self Promotion
Yummy food | FOTD | Pretty Nail Polish

Feelings: I've felt quite up and down this week - I've been feeling poorly this week, and slightly alone too, if I'm honest. Yet I have also had moments of contentment this week, and a lot of determination - so a mixed bag really.

Work: I've been off work a lot this week (for the first time!). I was sent home on Monday as I was feeling faint, Tuesday I still felt unwell but powered through, I don't remember much of the day if I'm honest, it kind of revolved around trying not to pass out, Wednesday I was sent home again, Thursday I had off as I still wasn't well and needed to go to the doctors, and Friday I had the morning off for blood tests, but made it in for some of the afternoon - luckily it was quite quiet on Friday so I was able to sort little bits and bobs out rather than doing anything too crazy. 
So this week I've haven't been at work much, instead curled up in my duvet hoping to feel better! 
In case you're wondering, I'm feeling better now, not 100% but definitely better, the doctor isn't sure what's wrong with me, hence the blood test, but she think it's could be low iron levels. 

Home: As I said I've spent a lot of time at home this week due to been poorly - most of it has been alone as my family have been at work - however I've liked being in a peaceful house, having time to concentrate on me.

Out and About: Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to go out my Mum and Auntie shopping for the day as I was beginning to feel a bit better.  We had coffee, chatted and looked around the shops. It was definitely a nice break after spending a week in bed.

Watching and Reading: I have been loving watching a few things this week -  on Youtube: Extrasunbeamsjess I've been looking forward to watching Jess's vlogtober everyday! I have also been enjoying watching Klossy, I have so much love for Karlie Kloss and it's refreshing to see more into the life of a model (especially when that model seems like a pretty great person).
on Netflix: Pretty Little Liars ... After hearing so much about PLL for months I finally decided to watch some, and I'm hooked.

Purchases: Essie Nail Polishes in the shades Sand Tropez, Cocktail Bling, and Wicked,  and the No Chips Ahead Topcoat and Drying Drops (I'm sure review will appear at some time), and I also picked up a water bottle in attempt to make myself drink more water.

Highlight of the week: Today - I mean I've literally been doing nothing but watching PLL, Crocheting and blogging, but sometimes that's nice, isn't it?!

Goal for next week: Start Vlogging again - I'm not saying I'll be vlogging all the time, but now and again I will - I have some holiday booked from work the end of next week so it's the perfect time to try to get back into it (and I intend for the rest of my Youtube to follow once I get my camera back from repairs) 

Sorry I feel as though this blog post has been a big ramble, I hope you enjoyed this different style blogpost nonetheless

Love Chloé

Thursday, 8 October 2015

MAC Lipstick Giveaway!!

You may have noticed I've been a little distant from the blogging world recently, but now, I'm back and I've missed it - so I'm here to stay.

I've decided to host a little giveaway on here, to say thank you to all of my followers who have stuck around.

I've been thinking about this for a while, considering what I could give away, a beauty item that I love, that I know others will love - then I realised the answer is obvious, A MAC lipstick of course, I'm yet to meet someone who loves the world of beauty that does not love a MAC lipstick.

Unfortunately this giveaway is open to UK only. You need to make sure you are following my Twitter as I will announce the winner on there. You will be given the choice of any MAC Lipstick shade you'd like, and it will be shipped directly from where I purchase it from.

Winners will be choose at random though Rafflecopter - it is my first time using it, so please let me know if you notice any glitches in how I've installed it. There are various ways to enter - through following this blog on bloglovin', subscribing to my Youtube, Following my Instagram and Twitter, and tweeting about the giveaway.

The giveaway will go live tomorrow (9th October) be close at midnight on Friday 27th November.
Good Luck!

Once again thank you if you've stuck with my little blog!
Please enter below!
Love Chloé

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, 5 October 2015

What's on my face? | A Pop of Colour

I thought I would share a make up look I have been enjoying lately. It's a simple gold eye with a pop of colour along the lower lash line.

I'm no make up expert, so I'm simply going to tell you what products I used, rather than how I created the look because I'm sure that's pretty self explanatory, and I'm not so sure you would want to copy the look I've gone for completely - however you may be interested to hear what product I used.

The Base:
FoundationRimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - Shade Ivory
Concealer: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Shade Ivory 10
                                                 Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - Shade Éclat Clair Light Radiance 51
Powder: Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder - Shade Vanille 52

The Cheeks:
Highlight: MUA Underdress your Skin Highlighting Powder - Shade Iridescent Gold

The Eyes:
Eyeshadows: Maybeline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo - Shade Eternal Gold
Urban Decay Naked Palette - Shades Half Baked & Smog 
Barry Dazzle Dust - Shade Kingfisher

The Eyebrows:
Brow FillerBenefit Brow Zings - Shade Medium Brown
Brow Gel - Maybeline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara - Shade Medium Brow

The Lips:

I hope you like this look!

Love Chloé

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Nails | Estée Lauder Sweet Pea

 I'm going to say, as I always do with all nail posts - please excuse my messy nail painting. I'll be the first to admit I am not the greatest at painting my nails, however I enjoy doing it so why not share it on my blog. 

When I painted my nails with this colour I had not intended to write a blog post about it, I'd just pick a colour I liked (from my Mums collection, not mine - sharing is caring, right?!), however once it was on my nails I felt the need to photograph it for a blogpost because I loved the shade. 

It's a pink shade with a slight shimmer to it. It's a fairly muted pink, so it isn't too over powering. I think it's perfect for a simple pretty nail. The formula is really is great too, it glides over the nail easily, is fairly fast drying and you can get away with just one coat if you're in a rush. 

And of course the packaging is beautiful.

What's your favourite nail colour?
Love Chloé
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