I've decided to start doing a regular weekly round up post on Sundays as a way for me to reflect on the week just gone, and prepare for the coming week. These posts may be a little more casual, and journal-like (that can be a word, right?), a way for me to allow a little more of me on my blog, rather than the usual beauty posts. 

I thought it might be nice to write something a little more casual and to go alongside this I'm going to sum up my week on instagram - I post instagrams as if they're my little scrapbook, so it makes sense to include them here too!

Monday 5th October - Sunday 11th October 
Left to right: a quote to keep in mind | Essie buys | Sandtropez and Desperately Seeking Sequins
Coffee and Cake | MAC Lipstick Giveaway has gone live | Shameless Self Promotion
Yummy food | FOTD | Pretty Nail Polish

Feelings: I've felt quite up and down this week - I've been feeling poorly this week, and slightly alone too if I'm honest. Yet I have also had moments of contentment this week, and a lot of determination - so a mixed bag really.

Work: I've been off work a lot this week (for the first time!). I was sent home on Monday as I was feeling faint, Tuesday I still felt unwell but powered through, I don't remember much of the day if I'm honest, it kind of revolved around trying not to pass out, Wednesday I was sent home again, Thursday I had off as I still wasn't well and needed to go to the doctors, and Friday I had the morning off for blood tests, but made it in for some of the afternoons - luckily it was quite quiet on Friday so I was able to sort little bits and bobs out rather than doing anything too crazy. 
So this week I haven't been at work much, instead of curled up in my duvet hoping to feel better! 
In case you're wondering, I'm feeling better now, not 100% but definitely better, the doctor isn't sure what's wrong with me, hence the blood test, but she thinks it's could be low iron levels. 

Home: As I said I've spent a lot of time at home this week due to been poorly - most of it has been alone as my family have been at work - however, I've liked being in a peaceful house, having time to concentrate on me.

Out and About: Yesterday (Saturday), I decided to go out with my Mum and Auntie shopping for the day as I was beginning to feel a bit better.  We had coffee, chatted and looked around the shops. It was definitely a nice break after spending a week in bed.

Watching and Reading: I have been loving watching a few things this week -  on Youtube: Extrasunbeamsjess I've been looking forward to watching Jess's vlogtober every day! I have also been enjoying watching Klossy, I have so much love for Karlie Kloss and it's refreshing to see more into the life of a model (especially when that model seems like a pretty great person).
on Netflix: Pretty Little Liars ... After hearing so much about PLL for months I finally decided to watch some, and I'm hooked.

Purchases: Essie Nail Polishes in the shades Sand Tropez, Cocktail Bling (review here), and Wicked,  and the No Chips Ahead Topcoat and Drying Drops, and I also picked up a water bottle in an attempt to make myself drink more water.

Highlight of the week: Today - I mean I've literally been doing nothing but watching PLL, Crocheting and blogging, but sometimes that's nice, isn't it?!

Goal for next week: Start Vlogging again - I'm not saying I'll be vlogging all the time, but now and again I will - I have some holiday booked from work at the end of next week so it's the perfect time to try to get back into it (and I intend for the rest of my Youtube to follow once I get my camera back from repairs) 

Sorry I feel as though this blog post has been a big ramble, I hope you enjoyed this different style blog post nonetheless

Love Chloe