I recently rediscovered this nail polish when sorting out my bedroom. In total I came across 4 bottles of this nail polish, none of which were empty or needed throwing out. 
Why four bottles? I originally bought this nail polish a few years back, and fell in love with the colour, it became my go-to nail polish, anyway as it was limited edition I decided to stock up as I was wearing it constantly. I've had a look online and I can't find it, however, I do not think it got discontinued as I am pretty sure I have seen it in Boots recently. 

The nail polish is a pale purple colour, with a pink tone to it. I really love this shade and I have had so many compliments on my nail when they've been this colour. I am so happy to rediscover this colour, it's slowly becoming a favourite of mine again. 

If you usually read my blog, you'll know that I am big fan of Barry M nail varnish, I'm not going to say too much about the brand because I feel like I've gone on about Barry M nails polishes in a few posts now, I just think they are great value for money, have a lovely range of colours and finishes and are fairly long lasting. 

If you come across this colour, I would definitely pick some up, I'm glad I bought a few of these when I did, they will come in handy now I've rediscovered my love for this colour.