Announcement time... drumroll, please... I have launched an Etsy store!

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter this might be old news for you, but to me, it's a big enough deal that it deserves an entire blog post of its own. Currently, in my Etsy store Chloe Harriets Creates, I'm selling scrunchies, and I have sleep masks, facemasks and home decor bits in the works - If you any request you can always send them my way too!

How the store came about?!

Back when the blog first began, I was finishing up my degree in Fashion (You can see my graduate collection in this old post), spending my day sewing was a standard. And then I graduated (blog post here and vlog here) and put my sewing machine in a cupboard, while my focus moved to my blog, writing and searching for that perfect career (which I'm still yet to find). 

For a while now, I've found myself missing the familiar sound of the sewing machine and that satisfaction of sewing the final seam and thinking 'I made this'. But I didn't know what to make. Making clothes comes with a whole design process and the need for pattern cutting - I know I could just buy a paper pattern, but when you're used to making your own patterns, that kind of feels like cheating. Plus it just felt like a lot to reignite my love for sewing with such a huge project - so I continued pushing my desire to sew to the back of my mind, ignoring my intuition.

Browsing Instagram one day, I found myself watching this video by Robyn Poppy: 5 hairstyles using scrunchies. Each of them so adorable, I found myself thinking, I should wear scrunchies more... I wish I had more scrunchies to wear. And then I clicked that I could kill two birds with one stone, make myself some new scrunchies, and get my sewing machine back out.

So that was what I did - on my second attempt I was happier with the results (For the first one, I didn't use enough fabric so there wasn't much scrunch to my scrunchie)

I posted a picture of my successful scrunchie on my Instagram story. I captioned it "I made myself a scrunchie" and added gif which said cute, before going to make another - my scrunchie obsession clearly taking over.

When I returned to my phone, I was surprised to see several messages - people liked the scrunchie and wanted there own.

That's when the idea for my Etsy store came about. I could get my sewing fix, whilst putting the skills I learned in my degree to good use and make things for people to love. Plus I might also earn a bit of extra cash, which would be nice.

So I made the store on a whim - expecting no sales, but sure enough, I found myself posting out 9 different parcels already, so filled which multiply scrunchies - all of which were made with love, and wrapped with care. I wasn't expecting any sales, yet already had to restock, which is crazy - and wonderful.

This new project has got me passionate and excited about the future. I've been creating visionboards and dreaming up where I can take Chloe Harriets Creates - but I'll tell you something, I feel like it will go places.

So please, if you have any suggestions and idea of what you'd like to see from my store, please comment below. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my store - I've also made a chloeharrietscreates Instagram account where I will be sharing the goings-on of the store and all things creative.

C x