I was kindly gifted a copy of My Life in Thirty-Seven Therapies by Kay Hutchinson, I'd never heard of it before, so went into reading it with no expectations, however immediately I liked it. 
The memoir tells the story how despite a very successful life on paper - with a good career,  marriage and wealth, Kay found herself ending her marriage, feeling lost and being treated badly by men she cared for. She turned to alternative therapies in search of something more. In the book, she tries it all, from yoga retreats to reiki, counselling, the list goes on. She goes into detail tell the story of her experience which each therapy, what lead her there and the outcome. She shares details lesson learned, people met and funny anecdotes each of these experiences left her with. 

I found the writing to be very light-hearted, she doesn't take herself to seriously, adding humour to her story. It made for a nice bedtime read as it doesn't require too much brainpower. 

Although Kay had a slightly excessive amount of therapies - I found it completely relatable - I understand that need to search for more, and I love a good meditation session myself. This book made me want to try more therapies and feel so much more aware of all that is out there. Some completely ridiculous, and others I found myself itching to try myself. Each chapter told the story of different therapy, making it very digestible, like lots of different stories in one.

This book really did what it says on the cover... in a good way. I ate it up. Though the book you see how the writer life changes, how she grows and moves forward when facing heartbreaking.  I dread to think how much money all of those therapies cost - but the stories which came with them made for good reading. 
If you enjoy a memoir or an alternative therapy, I'd recommend picking this up.