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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I recently went to Madeira with a close friend. We had more of a relaxing holiday than an exploring one. It was a week of pure chill, spending our days on sunbeds, enjoying a view of the ocean and swimming in the pool. We stayed at Pestana Royal Premium All Inclusive Ocean and Spa and it was beautiful. A pink hotel, with ocean views - it felt pretty perfect to me. It was surrounded by so many beautiful flowers and had the most calming sea view, so we could watch the waves of the sea while sat the pool. I honestly felt more relaxed than I have done in a long time. It was wonderful. So I thought in this blogpost, alongside my holiday snaps I'd share some tips on how to feel most relaxed on holiday.
sea view from sunbeds in Madeira holiday
blue skies and palm tree from summer holiday in madeira

Here are some tips to help you fully relax on holiday:

- Only wear swimwear which fits you properly, and that you feel good in.

 You want to feel as comfortable as possible in your swimwear. You don't want to be pulling it around, and/or feeling body-conscious on the beach. I have a fuller bust, so in the past when I've bought an ill-fitting bikini I've had boobs falling out in the pool which let's be honest, is not ideal. Spend some time trying on your swimwear before you go, really move around in it to check you're not spilling out anywhere. Maybe invest in some new swimwear if what you already have isn't cutting it.

- Meditate:

 This year was the first time I realised now one was paying attention to me whilst I lounged on my sunbed, so decided to use my happy not perfect app to do some meditation (if you're interested in what other meditation apps I'd recommend, I have a full blog post on them here) Happy Not Perfect seemed the perfect choice because I could do one of the 7 day courses, which would last the duration of my holiday. Meditating with the background sound of waves is just sort of perfect.

- Be Organised Before You Go :

Get up to date, if not ahead with work/blogging/chores/whatever before you go. You shouldn't be thinking of doing to list while you're away, knowing you're up to date will save any worrying.

- Keep a Travel Journal: 

 This year I bought a travel journal to take with me, I initially liked the idea for the sake of memories, but while I was there I found it to be really therapeutic journaling my days. Taking the time to reflect made me realise how lucky I am.

- Be Mindful with your Book Choice: 

I spoke about this a lot in last weeks blog post so I'm not going to go too far into it, but I think the reading material you choose for your trip really matters and will affect how you feel during and about the holiday. If you're after some holiday book recommendations, I have a blog post full of them which you can find here.

- Turn Off Notifications: 

Nothing kills the chilled holiday vibes quite like seeing a work email pop up on your phone. Anything can wait, it's not the time to be constantly contactable - turn off your notifications, and put your phone away.

- Let People Know You're Going Away:

If turning off those notifications makes you feel a little anxious - let people know you're going aways before you go, that way they won't be expecting you to get back to them immediately. 

- Pack a Few Little Luxuries:

I'm a home-sick person so I like to have the comfort of a sleep mask, a destress rollerball, and a portable phone charger so I know I've got the option to contact home whenever I wish.


blonde girl chloe harriets in pink m&s bikini, outside pool and hotel in maderia

blonde blogger chloeharriets looking out to sea view on holiday in madeira

Holiday Shopping Ideas:

I hope you found this helpful and enjoyed seeing my holiday snaps
C x