happy girl with plants - positive little life changes

blonde girl with plants - positive little life changes

blonde girl smiling with plants - positive little life changes

blonde girl laughing with plants - positive little life changes

Life can be a little much sometimes. It can be stressful and it can be hard, and yet it's important to make the most of it. To not let the stress get on top of you and enjoy the day-to-day, we need to find ease in the everyday. Life is hard enough without the pain of dragging a hairbrush through your matted hair and not being able to find a phone charger when we need one. 

So, here's a list of the little life-changer - because little things can make a big difference.

  • The Wet Brush: Honest, this hairbrush makes such a difference. I didn't realise how knotty my hair was, how painful running a brush through it felt until I started using a wet brush. I didn't get on with the tangle teaser if anything I found it more painful to use, but the wet brush takes all of the pain out of hair brushing.
  • Using a Mooncup: I started using a Mooncup last year, and I wouldn't go back to using pads and tampons. It takes the hassle and spending out of having to buy sanitary products each month, it's easy to use and personally I find it feels more hygienic. 
  • Tracking periods - it's good to know where you can blame your mood on your hormones. I personally use the Clue app, but I know there are plenty of others around.
  • Keeping longer socks and ankle socks in different drawers. It's probably a weird flex on my part, but it saves the frustration of looking for socks for some trainer socks and pulling out full-length fluffy bed socks.
  • Changing the sound of your alarm something you actually enjoy listening to. Mine is a Harry Styles song, obviously.
  • Meditation: I've spoken a million times about how great meditation is so I won't keep going on. If you're sceptical, just give it a try, I have this blog post on my favourite meditation apps!
  • Not sleeping with your phone under your pillow, not checking Instagram the moment you wake up: You want to wake up with your focus being on you, not trigger comparison by spending too much time scrolling. I now have my phone set to lock the majority of my apps until 9am. On a good day when I get up at 6, that gives me a few phone-free hours, which allows me to have a more mindful morning.
  • Having a Monzo account, using the pots to save money: I have saved more than ever since I got a Monzo account. I feel more aware of my finances, and I manage to save money without even realising by setting up pots. If you do want to sign up, follow this link and we'll both receive £5, win-win.
  • Give your belonging homes. It's nice not to have to search for a pen every time you need one.
  • Make your bed every morning
  • Get your bag ready the night before
  •  Don't go to things you don't want to go to. No is a word, use it, often and kindly.
  • Keep your keys in the side pocket of your bag. It's just not necessary to have to empty you're belonging, after rummaging in your bag for 10minutes to simply get in the house.
  •  Get a notebook with dotted paper  (or a bullet journal - which you can find blog posts on here and here, and some youtube videos here) I didn't realise what a difference this made, but honestly, those dots are life-changing.
  • Start getting ready 10 minutes before you think you need to.
  • Don't go shopping hungry: You just buy so much unnecessary food, which won't get eaten, and you'll spend more money.
  • Just get up when your alarm goes off: Hitting that snooze button won't enhance your day.
  • Do the purse/phone/keys check before you leave the house.
  • Have a savings account. Actually, use it to save.
  •  Know how much money is in your bank account, don't spend more than that amount.
  • Portable phone chargers.
  • Put sanitary products, lip balm, hair bands, grips and plasters into each of your handbags: They always come in handy.
  • Step away from Instagram when you're feeling down: There's no need to see photos of beautiful, rich, successful girls when you feel crap
  • Do that laptop update you've been pressing remind me tomorrow on the past year
  • Clear a decent amount of space on your phone, get rid of the storage full notification
  • You know those things you keep having to go to the next room to get? like phone chargers, and scissors? Buy more, have them in every room.
blonde girl with plants


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