Some friends and I recently spent a Sunday wandering through Lacock, exploring the beautiful village. Living in Bristol, it wasn't too far to pop to for a day trip on Sunday, and it's definitely somewhere I'll be heading again.  

Our morning included exploring the village, which left me feeling as I stepped into another world. We headed to the Abbey. where wandering through the corridors which offered a familiar comfort from the Harry Potter films. And then breathing in the freshest air, taking in thriving plants in as we looked around a greenhouse.

For a lunch stop, we headed to the restaurant Sign of an Angel,  where we had the yummiest food. Being pescetarian, there wasn't too much for me to choose from - I was told, there's a veggie/vegan menu throughout the rest of the week, which unfortunately isn't available on Sunday's.  The disappointment of not being able to have a veggie roast for me, soon wore off as I realised the fish I opted for was delicious through every last bite. The service was friendly, and the atmosphere was inviting, making it the perfect way to break up our day.

We then headed for a slightly muddy walk. Blessed by the crisp winter's air, we wandered through the fields, chatting, catching up, snapping pictures, and taking in the nature surrounding us.
When I returned home, I warmed up in a bath and realised how much more content I felt, than I had before the stepped foot out of my house that morning. There's something wonderful in exploring somewhere new with close friends and appreciating all the nature, architecture and food around.