After feeling absolutely disgusted that Topshop took down the Feminist Don't Wear Pink pop-up, I wanted to bring a bit of girl power to my blog, so I thought I'd move forward a post I had scheduled for later in the month...

Here is a list of women I admire:

Scarlett Curtis 

Yes, I drafted this list before the whole Topshop thing, and yes, Scarlett Curtis was someone it was inspired by. Scarlett is just doing so many good things for women, she is so wise and spreading so many good messages in the work she does with the Pink Protest, in her journalism, in her use of social media and now through her book and podcast. I am obsessed with her podcast, and I can't wait to read more of her book.

Gina Martin

Gina is so bloody inspiring. She campaigned to get the law against upskirting put into place, she spent some much time working to create change for other women, the world would be a better place if we were all this selfless. And beyond that, she often uses her platforms to talk about environmental issues on a day to day bases. I find her Instagram stories are the place to go to be educated on political and environmental issues in a digestible, unpatronising way.

Emma Watson

I feel my understanding of feminism grew a lot from Emma Watson's 'He for She' campaign, it taught me it's not a dirty word and it's wonderful to see someone use there influence for more than selling teeth whitening stripes.

My friend Jaynie 

My friend Jaynie most likely won't expect to have made this list, however, I find she is someone who speaks conversationally and eloquently about issues such as slut-shaming, animal welfare and everyday sexism, so when I decided I wanted to I included someone I know in this list, Jaynie was the first person to come to mind.

Lucy Siegle

I first discovered Lucy when she came to guest lecture at my University. She spoke to us about sustainable fashion and environmental issues. Since I have followed her on twitter and have learnt so much about the impact we have on the environment from her post, she has made me want to be a better person and take better care of our planet.

Victoria Magath/Inthefrow

Victoria is a blogger whose work ethic I really admire, you can see in the quality and quantity of the content she puts out that the girl works undeniably hard. You can see she is quite literally building her dreams and that determination is something we could all do with a bit more of.

Liv Purvis

Liv seems to be the kindest most down to earth blogger, and beyond that, she recently founded The Insecure Girls' Club, and it's just what the internet needs. The fact that she decided to create a hub to make us girls feel better about ourselves is really something.

If you're looking for some new women to follow, this girl gang I think about capable of changing the world, so they're worth having on your radar!

As ever, please let me know some of the great women you admire

C x