On listening to a Nobody Panic podcast, on happiness, I found myself thinking about little joys. I'm someone who chasing tends the big things. I've found myself wrapped in sadness because the big things aren't happening to the timeline which I've decided is appropriate, and when these things do happen, I've built them up so high, that they're often underwhelming.

My main focus has shifted recently. I'm looking for happiness in all the places it hides. I'm searching for the smallest joys in my most mediocre days. Yes, this blog post is probably up there with one of the most cheesy things I've written, but I'm okay with that because I think with gratitude we become a magnet of good things. Yes, I am a law of attraction wanker.

Places I've found happiness recently:

  • One returning from babysitting one Saturday night, rather than heading straight to bed, I found myself, my mum and my stepdad crowded around a phone singing Robbie Williams Angels. I'm not sure how it came about, but it was the purest happiest moment. We're all terrible, like really terrible at singing. English is my stepdads second language so naturally, he was getting the lyrics wrong. The shambles of this heartfelt performance that my neighbours probably hated us for made me grateful, that at 26 years old, I still live with two of my favourite people. It doesn't matter that I'm an adult living with my parents when I have a bloody great time with them.
  • Wearing my favourite perfume - Spritzing on a bit of Glossier You, or Laura Mercier Ambre Passion sends a smile to my face every time I catch a whiff of myself and remember I smell delicious.
  • Listening to a good podcast - Nobody Panic Podcast never fails to make me laugh, and CTRL ALT DELETE  always leaves me feeling inspired.
  • In exercise - Crazy, I know, but there's something about only focusing on my body and nothing more.
  • In texts from friends - from chats about Joe Sugg on Strictly to messages to let me know they're proud, I've found myself smiling at Whatsapp a lot recently.
  • In books - Recently I've got into reading YA fiction again and there's something nostalgic about reading about teenage crushes and friendship, it just feels very wholesome.
  • In ticking off to-do lists - A wave of relief and the feeling of accomplishment always washes over me after a productive day.
  • In cups of tea and magazine articles - This Sunday tradition of mine always leaves me feeling content, so much so that it's become more of a daily tradition than a Sunday one.
  • A social media break - Things we're getting a bit much recently so I decided I needed a bit of social media-free time, because follow counts, likes and losing the day to Instagram doesn't always make me feel great, so I deleted the twitter and Instagram apps from my phone and had a few days without worrying about what to post next and scrolling other peoples lives instead of living mine. I'm not perfect, so I obviously slip up a few times and had a peak on the newsfeeds, but I spent so much less time glued to my phone and didn't check Instagram the moment I woke. I might have lost a couple of followers but it was good for my soul.

How I'm making my day to day more joyful:

- Getting dressed every morning, wearing clothes that make me feel good.

- No saving my best, for best. Every day I should be living my best life.

- Turning off my phone more.

- Buying what I want, not what's cheapest.

- Listening to my intuition.

- Taking breaks when I need them but not letting them lead to unnecessary procrastination.

Photography: madeleiinegraceblogs ... I know you've seen photos from this shoot again and again in posts, I'm sorry - but I love them, so why not get my use out of them!