If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I recently went through a blue eyeliner phase. The electric blue liner I'd had for months was no longer forgotten at the back of my makeup drawer, instead, I used it most days. I was so impressed with the formula, I found myself spending far more than I intended to in a Kiko Cosmetics store on their 'Super Colour eyeliner' in a fair few shades.

So, after using these for a few months, I can say the shade I first fell in love with, 107 Blue Majorelle is still my favourite, closely followed by the brown shade, 102 Bronze.

Here's the lowdown on the shades I picked up and my thoughts on them:

109 Pearly Purple Cranesbill 

This purple shade has an iridescent glitter running through it, which gives it a pearly looking sparkle.

102 Bronze

This brown shade had a metallic bronze look to it. It contains some glitter but it's much finer and more subtle than the glitter in the shade 109.

108 Pearly Frivolous Pink

I was most excited to get my hands on this pink shade, however, ended up being disappointed with this colour. I find this shade takes a lot more building up than the others and without layering the colour pay off isn't as strong as I'd like. This shade had some so glitter running through it.

115 Midnight Blue  

This deep navy shade is slightly 'flatter' than the rest which is what I like about it, there's not intense glitter running through and only a slight metallic edge to it, it's more subtle and understated.

101 Shimmering Gold 

I'm wearing this shade today, and I've got to say, it feels kind of 'christmasy'. Like the pink one, I find this shade required a bit more build up to get a strong colour pay off. There is plenty of gold glitter in this liner which I think gives it the Christmas feel. The name of this shade Shimmering Gold is completely on point.

107 Blue Majorelle

This is the liner which led me to the others, my favourite. I'd describe this shade a bright, electric blue. There is no glitter in this one, and it's not really metallic, the colour is statement enough without it. You can see a picture of me wearing it here.

The Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner is the longest lasting eyeliner I have ever used. To test this out, I've worked in a nursery from 7.30am -5.30om and at the end of the day, my eyeliner was the only remaining makeup on my face, and it had hardly moved. I've also worn this eyeliner to work out and it's lasted. I've had a full night out, got home and drunkenly misbehaved by not taking off my make up, and in the morning although I felt hanging, my eyeliner looked fresh and fully intact.

However, the long-lasting formula does dry slightly 'crusty', it dries with a sort of hard texture to it, which doesn't always feel or look the nicest to wear, and makes the liner feel more low end, but at the £6.80 price point, it's to be expected at that finish isn't the most luxury.

I love the applicator. The wand is fine, pointed and fairly flexible towards the point, which for me takes the fear out of applying winged liner. The wands make it easy to get right, and the long lid, give some leeway with how you hold the liner when applying it.

I was a little disappointed with some of the shades, I expected a little more colour with some of the 'super colour' I found the shades of the gold, brown and pink to be a little flatter than I expected, I was hoping for something which popped a little more (as the blue does), but overall I have got use out of all the colours - more so than I have with some of my highend eyeliner.