Every now and then I like to jiggle things around in my bedroom. I get bored easily, and as my space is small, I feel it's extra important to make sure I love every corner of it.

As I was feeling a little uninspired, I decided playing around with my interiors might help, so I rearranged my bookshelf, swapped some bits onto my bedside table, jazzed up my window seal, and took my time to shake up the homes of my little trinkets. After a while, I began to feel inspired my the space around me again.

I'm slowly but surely getting my gallery wall together, what do you think of the picture I've got so far?

I liked to have a real mixed bag of images on my wall - from colourful photographs which I have taken to black and white prints I've fallen in love with. Alongside the mix, match of different sizes and frames, the area may look a little all over the place, but that's what I love about this wall.
The essentials, of course, sit on my bedside table (I'm sure you remember this from my previous post), I've switched things around a little here! Of course, I need to make sure I keep some of my go-to skincare products, the book I'm currently reading and my glasses.

Fresh flowers really help to brighten up the space! I love the pinks and white in these flowers, they're the perfect colours for my bedroom. I'll have to pick up another bunch soon!

Some more reading material and a notebook to jot down poetry have moved to my window seal. I love to have books scattered all around my bedroom every part of my room, as books bring me so much joy.
Who doesn't look a bit of greenery? I think these plants look great on my window seal, I really need to get my ass to a garden centre to pick up some more house plants! I'd love to have a big ol' green leafy plant in a beautiful pot sitting on the floor in the corner of my bedroom. Plants really bring life to an area!
Because with a little lipstick on you can take on the world

You may recognise this bookshelf (I wrote about it here), I also had a little jiggle around in this area to change things up a little. My bookshelf is my favourite part of my bedroom to play around with!

I find when things stay in the same place too long, the lose their life, and we begin to look through them. With these small changes I've made to my bedroom I feel as though everything came back to life. It's not perfect, but I like how I've styled things, for now. What do you think?