My obsession with Gilmore Girls is stronger than ever, I'm finding myself watching it almost constantly, wondering if I could ever eat as much junk as Rory and Lorelai in one sitting (no, I defintely couldn't) and falling even more in love with Jess, I mean I don't know if he's the guy for Rory, but he's certainly the guy for me - this blogpost is not about my crush on Jess I promise, although I could write one on that. Today I thought I would share some things I've learnt from Rory Gilmore during my rewatch of the series.
  1. Always carry a book - I mean it's a bit excessive when Rory is taking 4 books to read on her bus journey to Chilton, or when she's trying to take a pile of books backpacking around Europe, however you never know when might be a good time to have a read - you can never read enough, and it's always good to expand your knowledge. Also, Dean proved that guys are attracted to girls who read when he admits he's been admiring her reading from afar (slightly creepy, but mainly cute).
  2. Plans Change -  I mean from the start Rory's (and Paris's) Harvard obsessions are pretty strong, from the moment Rory and Lorelai impromptu visit of Harvard, and Rory Harvard-themed bedroom, however, both Rory and Paris end up at Yale. Rory haven been given the choice to go to Harvard realises it's not actually the right place for her. It's a nice little reminder that plans change, and just because something doesn't go as planned it does not mean things are going wrong, simply that plans change.
  3. Pro-Con List Always Come in Handy - Rory is constantly making pro-con lists, it's what turned Harvard to Yale. Once in a while, we all need to weigh up our options a bit, figure out the pros and cons of a situation before stepping in.
  4. You should always be straight with people - When Marty confesses his feelings for Rory, rather than beat around the bush because she's worried about immediately hurting his feelings, she simply tells him the truth, that she likes Logan. Which probably was not great for him to hear in the first place, but he knew exactly where he stood, it saved them both some future embarassment and show a level of respect for him.
  5. Sometimes it's good to wallow - Remember when Rory and Dean break up the first time around? Rory goes into practical mode attempting to get pretty pointless house chores done, and to do list crossed off because she's not ready to face to what happened with Dean. Eventually, she wallow, she's sad, she eats ice cream and watches films with her mum - no matter how much we don't want to be affected by things sometimes we're sad, and we have to be sad to be happy again.
  6. Sometimes you've got to get yourself out of your funk - You know when Rory turns extremely unRory Gilmore and quits Yale and moves into her grandparent's pool house, all because Logan's Dad told her he couldn't make it as a journalist. This funk she gets herself in goes on longer than it should have, but with a few firm words from Jess, Rory realises she's got to get herself out of this funk. She get's off her ass, gets herself a job, and gets back to Yale - she gets back on the Rory Gilmore path through her own actions. She basically proves Mitchum very wrong as she becomes editor of the paper, and doesn't pretty well for herself.
  7. No relationship you have will ever be as special as the one you have with your Mum. I think this one is pretty self explainatory

Do you love the series as much as I do? Who your favourite character? I think Paris's character is amazing, and I'm a little bit in love with Jess (and clearly obsessed with him!)