I just found myself feeling the need to blog, but not really having a subject in mind - rather than rack my brain for inspiration I decided to roll with it and just share whatever thought are crossing my mind. Apologies in advance that this post may just be an extremely boring stream of pointless thoughts, sometimes it's nice to keep blogging casual, and just write about nothing for the sake of writing.

So here we go, the first random thought I just found popping into my mind

  1. Autumn is coming and I realised I've never tried a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (crazy, I know!), tomorrow I'm going to go my butt to a Starbucks to try the famous PSL. I really hope it does not disappoint (side note, autumn is by far my favourite season, I'm getting excited thinking about it).
  2. Maybe I'll take my laptop to the Starbucks and gets some blogging done there. I always like the idea of sitting in cafes and blogging, yet somehow never take my blogging out of the house. I feel like I may find a whole new realm of inspiration if I take my writing beyond these four walls, I could also find more distractions, but hey, it's worth a shot. I'll keep you updated on if I find success in care blogging, or if I don't get the hype.
  3. Tomorrow is going to be more productive than to today. I'm going to tidy my bedroom and write my to-do list in preparation for a productive day. I feel like the more organised I am tonight, the more organised, and happier I'll feel tomorrow. 
  4. Maybe if I get my workout clothes out ready, I'll actually go for my run tomorrow. I need to start exercising more regularly. So unfit. I know it always makes me feel so much better about life when I'm in a regular workout routine, I always feel more positive and productive after a good run, so hopefully going to a run tomorrow will contribute to my productive day I have planned.
  5. I'm very happy about the changes Louise Pentland is making to Sprinkle of Glitter, I'm so excited for her new videos.  I think she's a lot more likeable when she is completely herself, plus I'm not exactly young, so it's nice having another 'grown up' youtube channel to watch! Alongside this I'm very happy that Zoella new range is a little more grown up too, I'm glad people are beginning to get not everyone who watched youtube and likes YouTubers are 14-year-old giggly teenagers (I'm actually 10 entire years older than that, gross)
So there you have it, the first five pointless thought that crossed my mind, and a picture of a sunset, because, well, it was pretty. I'm sure your life isn't anymore fulfilled from reading this completely pointless blog post, but I quite enjoyed casually typing away without much thought, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.