Firstly, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. Despite some people expressing feelings that New Years is overrated and resolutions are often broken within a week or so, I cannot help but love the feeling the start of a new year gives me. Although life hasn't changed much since yesterday I feel more hopeful and excited for the future.

2015 will be my first full year as a graduate, I am finally beginning to feel like an adult, and I am looking forward to beginning my life as an adult. I am sure it will be a year of a lot of new beginnings, which I feel is much needed in my life at the moment, and I feel my life is finally at a stage where I can feel as though, this is my year. I have finally finished education, and now it's down to me what I do with my life. I am excited about this year. For once in my life, I feel like I can fully understand the saying, the world is my oyster... I would also like to apologise for the cheesy clichéness of this blog post, it is what New Years does to me.

Reminiscing over 2014

I'm not going to lie, I did not really realise what a good year I had last year (.. it still feel strange referring to 2014 as last year) until I searched my Facebook and Instagram for some pictures of the past year to include on this blog post. When looking for through pictures I realised I am a pretty lucky girl, and I had a pretty good year. Of course there were some not so good times, such as losing my beautiful cat, going through a break up, a bit too much crying over boys and feeling homesick but I started this blog, made my graduate final collection (I studied Fashion), graduated, moved back home, had some pretty great times with friends and family and learnt a lot. Overall pretty good, but something is telling me next year is going to be even better. I feel a lot more aware of who I am and who I want to be than I was a year ago.

Aims for 2015

I don't like to set myself strict resolutions for the New Year as they usually end up being quite unrealistic and never really happen, however, I do like to have some aims for the up and coming year.  I am not going to lie, I have got quite a few - but to improve myself and my life I need something to aim for, right? So I've got a lot to aim for in 2015.

Of course, some of my aims relate to this little blog of mine. I started this little blog in March 2014 after having a guest lecturer did a talk at my uni, when he mentioned blogging, shortly after my friend Jess then encouraged me to start a blog, because it seemed like something I'd really enjoy - having started different blogs before I wasn't completed expecting to keep it up, however, I have, and I have begun to enjoy the blogging world more and more. 

I began not blogging all that often, taking not so thought out pictures on my iPhone, to where I am now - blogging weekly or more (besides the odd exception) learning about writing and photography, taking photos using my SLR, editing my photos, and planning my content. My blog has come a long way and I have learnt a lot. Not so long ago I reached my first 100 followers - which may not seem a lot to most people, but to me it does, however, I would love my blog to keep growing - If I were able to reach another huge milestone of 1000 by the end of the year that would be amazing, I may be aiming slightly high but 'reach for the moon, land on the stars' and all that jazz. 

I will also be trying to have a bit more of a schedule for my blogging - I want to publish at least two posts each week, if not more. As today is Thursday, I am going to promise a blog post every Thursday, one every Monday (maybe excluding while I am in India), and hopefully more than that. I also want to aim to improve my photography and content, maybe trying out a few different style blog posts.

Last year (seems strange saying that...) I started a little tiny Youtube channel (which you can find here), and when I say tiny, I mean tiny. I am yet to even reach double digits in my number of subscribers. Before this, I had never done any filming or video editing, so I have learnt quite a bit but still have a lot to learn. As with my blogging didn't have much of a schedule to this, I upload what I fancied whenever, and then toward the end of the year just stopped. However this year this is something I would like to concentrate on as I have really enjoyed learning about video editing and talking to a camera. Therefore during 2015, I intend to upload a video once a week. I want this to be every Sunday - however, I do have extremely slow internet in my house, so it sometimes takes a day to upload a video - so if it's occasionally a day or two late I'm sorry, it will be there each week though. I also want to film some slightly different style videos this year, I am looking forward to trying my hands at some fashion lookbooks. As for subscribers, it would be amazing to feel as though people watch my videos, so once again I am aiming high in relation to my current number of subscribers, and would love to get to 100 subscribers in a years time.

By the end of 2015, I would also like to feel like a fitter and healthier person (like everyone else, I'm sure). As the year progresses on I am sure you'll be hearing much more about how that journey is coming along for me, as this is something I intend to document on my blog.

You may know I currently working in a shoe shop, which I do enjoy, but it is not a career, by the end of 2015 I'd like to be working hard at a job that I can call a career.

I have rambled far too much this post already, so I am going to cut the rest of my goal into short bullet points otherwise this blog post may go on forever.  So other things I would like to do this year are:

  • Start drawing/painting again - used to spend a lot of time creating are, and for some reason, I stopped, I want to start again, I love drawing and it's something I'd love to improve my skills at, and maybe something I can even share on the blog one day.
  • Start scrapbooking - after watching a youtube where Lily Pebbles spoke about her scrapbook I felt inspired, but still wasn't really considering scrapbooking as I thought I was something I wouldn't keep up, however, the next day I was sorting my room, and I kept finding bits and bobs (such as tickets, menus and photos) that I'd kept for memories sake but they didn't have a home when I realised scrapbooking would be the perfect way to tie up these loose ends that I'd like to keep.
  • Keep a diary - when I realised I couldn't remember what had happened at the start of 2014, I decided I want to remember the next year, so I may write an entry each day but I am going to keep a diary throughout the year.
  • Be nicer to people - I don't think I'm necessarily horrible to people now, but there's always room to be nice, right? I want to be kinder to strangers, make more effort with friends and cut out the nasty bitching.
  • Read more - because reading is amazing.
  • Improve my photography - because it's a skill I'd love to have.
  • Don't get upset over silly things, like boys. I spent far too much time feeling down about things and people who weren't worth those emotions last year. Never again. 
  • Be more organised - because how else am I going to keep on top of all of these aims?!
Sorry, this post has dragged on a little - I have spent a lot of time considering what I would like the new year to bring and wanted to express my little goal, I feel having them in writing on this little blog might encourage me to keep them up.

I would love to hear some of your goals for 2015, please comment any you have below!

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the start of the year last night and the early hours of this morning - I had a lovely time (despite a painful wisdom tooth), I went for dinner with a close friend and had drinks with family, and I hope the first day of 2015 has been a good start to the year.

With lots of love

Chloe xx