I said in my recent New Year resolution blog post and video (blog post here) that this year I would like to read more. I have got to say, so far it is going pretty well, I have already read one new book this year! 

Yesterday I finished reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I know there has been a lot of talk about this book, especially in the blogging world. Rather than discuss the writer, whether that may have been Zoe or anyone else, I want to talk about the writing, story and the book.

Being 23, I am obviously slightly outside of the demographic this book was aimed at - I am no longer the young teenage girl, although I once was. However, I feel that's safe enough grounds to review this book as although it may not be written for me as I am not, it is aimed at the girl I was years back.

Despite being a little old for the story, I wanted to read it, mainly out of curiosity - having watched Zoe's videos for ages, I was interested to see what book she could bring. I have to say, I was pretty impressed, I found the story more intriguing than I imagined.

I finished the book in just a few days so, I clearly I was enjoying picking it up and reading it every night. The book was such an easy read, I think mainly because it is written aimed at teenagers - however, I liked that it was such an easy casual read, it didn't take too much thinking to read - the perfect book to read when you want to switch off and relax.

What I love about this book is how many issues that occur in modern-day society are covered, such as online bullying, homosexuality and anxiety. Problems which teenagers face a lot more regularly than I feel a lot of people realise, of course, these issues are subtly placed in a cute little love story with a pretty relatable main character (although I feel some of the other characters weren't quite so realistic).

The book was funny, sweet and relatable, I can understand why any teen girls would love it. Although aspects were quite unrealistic, is that really a problem when we read to escape reality?

I think you need to get through the first few chapters until the book becomes really enjoyable, but isn't that the case with most books?

All of the chapters are quite short, which I think makes it much more manageable if you're a slow reader or don't read often.

I have got to say I found the book pretty enjoyable on a casual level, although the book isn't quite so thought-provoking as others, it is a great story for teenage girls - the story reminds me a little of Notting Hill which is one of my favourite films!

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on the book.

Love Chloe