Friday, 5 January 2018

Some things I did in 2017 that I'd call accomplishments.

- I read 19 books
- I started using a moon cup 
- I successfully completed Laura Jane Williams Don't be a Writer Course
- I went to Networking events alone 
- I saw a counsellor when I needed to 
- I got the acting lessons I kept talking about (and then quit because of money)
- I kept up driving lessons. Despite being the slowest learner, I'm still doing it
- I passed my theory test first time 
- Aced my Christmas shopping
- I stuck up for myself when my ex-boyfriend kissed me and then told me he didn't want to do lead me on 
- I let go of the people who don't want to be my friend anymore
- Left a job where I felt I wasn't getting treated fairly
- Kept up platonic friendships with guys, when people thought it was 'weird' I was close to a guy.
- Posted Youtube Videos and Blog posts throughout the year 
- I've made new friends and rekindled old friendships
- Bought my first piece of furniture. Yes, it was only a small desk for my bedroom but still.
- Had 0 changing room cries about how my body looks
- I became more confident speaking about the things I want to do
- Travelled to London alone
- Visited Vienna
- Became more aware of my limits with alcohol
- Didn't feel like a part of me was missing because I'm single
- Had a really great time celebrating my birthday and realised my friends are all the greatest
- Went to the evening of a friends wedding, which was full of guys who were a lot cooler than me in school, and didn't get too drunk
- Travelled to London alone
- Worked with New Day Knitwear
- Felt more comfortable not wearing make up every day
- Stopped buying lipstick all the time
- Had a guy call me crazy and didn't act crazy in response
- Had 0 drunk cries about boys who don't fancy me
- When people asked, stopped telling them Flo was my Mums Boyfriend, instead said he's my Stepdad.

A little disclaimer - I completely copied this idea from Laura Jane Williams.


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