2021 Podcasts I'm Loving. At Home With Lily and Anna, Soul Sugar, Charge My Core etc

2021 Podcasts I'm Loving. At Home With Lily and Anna, Soul Sugar, Charge My Core etc

If you're anything like me, you'll love plugging in your headphones and losing yourself in a good podcast. I've previously shared the podcasts some of my favourite podcasts in this blog post and this blog post. Recently I've found some new ones I'm loving and I have rediscovered some old favourites so I thought it was time for an updated podcast recommendation post. 

So without further ado, here are my current favourite podcasts:

Good Influence with Gemma Styles:

Good Influence was a podcast which I immediately fell in love with on my first listen. In this podcast, the host, Gemma interviews guests on subjects that they are knowledgable about, that she believes we should all know more about. The topics have included money, comparison, food waste and more. It's educational and entertaining.

Charge my Core with Susie Bell: 

With the tagline, 'more soul, less scroll', Susie's podcast really does charge my core. A little disclaimer, Susie is an IRL and online friend of mine but if she were a complete stranger I know I'd still love this podcast. Susie podcasts either alone or with guests. She delves into deep subjects around digital wellness and self-discovery. It's such a refreshing listen. 

2021 Podcasts I'm Loving. At Home With Lily and Anna, Soul Sugar, Charge My Core etc

The Ravens:

The Ravens is One Tree Hill Podcast (if you read this blog post you'll know I love OTH, and in this post you'll also know I'm also a big fan of the podcast Tree Hill Talk). In this podcast, Dom and Simon watch each episode of One Tree Hill and discuss it. Simon is a long time OTH fan, and Dom has never seen the series. It has timed perfectly with when I wanted to rewatch One Tree Hill (I'm obsessed, as I do with Gilmore Girls, I rewatch OTH every few years). Having listened to Tree Hill Talk (now feeling like I'm best friends with the hosts), I find it so interested to hear the comparison between the opinions of the two British guys who host Ravens and the three American girls who host Tree Hill Talk. (Some very different Peyton & Brooke opinions). I also really appreciate the British sense of humour in this podcast. The majority of the podcasts I listen to have American hosts or a more series subject matter - so the lighthearted, slightly out-there in-jokes in this podcast are much appreciated and always have me laughing along (and wondering if anyone who is not British gets the jokes, because the humour is very British, which makes it feel like home to me). I love to hear Dom's predictions and Simons passion for Lucas Scott. Ravens is a part 10:30 Productions who also have a Prison Break podcast, so if that's your thing you might also wanna give that one a listen.  

2021 Podcasts I'm Loving. At Home With Lily and Anna, Soul Sugar, Charge My Core etc

At Home with Lily and Anna

At Home with Lily and Anna is such a fun listen. The girls reformatted the podcast where they once used to visit guests homes, to a podcast where they chat from there own homes. Although I liked it before, I much prefer it this way. These days I'm enjoying more casual chatting podcasts over interview-style. Lily and Anna just both seem so lovely and genuine. Listening feels like being with friends. They begin by talking through their tops five of the week and in the second half of the podcast delve deeper into a specific subject. The episode on female friendship was one of my favourites. I also really love it when they invite their husbands on as special guests. 

Practical Positivity

Practical positivity is hosted by Sophie Cliff (who is also known as The Joyful Coach). Practical Positivity does exactly as it says on the tin - it gives you practical tips on how to live a positive, more joyful life. I find this to be a particularly uplifting listen, and I love that the advice given is always actionable. 
2021 Podcasts I'm Loving. At Home With Lily and Anna, Soul Sugar, Charge My Core etc

Soul Sugar

Now, this podcast did get a mention in my top podcast of 2019, however, I've recently rediscovered it and wanted to give it another shout out. Similar to At Home With Lily and Anna, the format of this podcast has changed. Rather than interviewing guests or chatting alone, Carrie is now joined by her husband Alex who (in this season) is co-hosting the podcast with her. They chat about all different things, but I always find the conversations to be open, vulnerable and insightful. I really enjoy hearing what they have to say. 

Total Betty Media

I've spoken about Total Betty Media before in this post when they were It Takes Three Network. I still love their podcasts so I wanted to give them a little shoutout again. They've recently rebranded, but they still podcast about those nostalgic teen drama shows that we all love. They have covered every season of One Tree Hill in Tree Hill Talk which I mentioned earlier,  and The OC in Let's Talk OC, they are currently halfway through Gossip Girl for their Three Gossip Girls podcast. They have also announced that A Friday Night Lights Podcast is coming - I've never seen the show so I'm super excited for this one.

What are your favourite podcasts? I'm always looking for some new listens.