beautiful flowers from bloom and wild gifted from friend which I'm feeling grateful for.
beautiful flowers from bloom and wild gifted from friend which I'm feeling grateful for.

Hello, Hi. Long time no speak. I found myself having a few weeks without blogging as I have been unwell. Nothing major, but still more health issues than I expected to be faced with, which lead to an overnight hospital stay (thank god for the NHS). My immune system just seemed to be down, so my body was fighting a kidney infection, my eczema flared up to the extreme which was impacting me both mentally and physically, I found myself with digestion problems in pain, insomnia and to top it all off, an ear infection. It's been a challenging few weeks, to say the least. But I am feeling much better now. In fact, I'm feeling more energetic than I have in months, as we discovered I've also been anaemic for a while. I've started on prescribed iron tablets, and finally, remember that feeling exhausted is not normal.

I feel like me for the first time in a long time, and I'm so grateful to have that back. Although, thankfully nothing major has been wrong with me, I found myself, whilst binging Netflix in the name of recovery feeling very grateful. Grateful for, well, all sorts of things. So today I thought I'd share a gratitude list with you, as a little gratitude goes a long way.

The little (and big) things from the past few weeks which I'm thankful for:

- My mum and stepdad: living with me the past few months couldn't have been easy for them, yet they offered me support time and time again when I found my skin on my face so sensitive that looking in the mirror would reduce me to tears, and they made sure got treated for the kidney infection which was keeping me up all night.
- My sister who was checking in on me daily. I think the picture of my face I sent her when in hospital shocked her into needed regular updates on how I was feeling, and how my skin was looking. Something as simple as a text can go a long way when times are tough.
- My boyfriend who besides being as caring as ever, sent me popcorn to cheer me up (it's this one, and it's incredible).
- A friend who sent me flowers. Receiving a box from Bloom & Wild through my letterbox made my day. It's just so thoughtful, and the flowers are so beautiful.
- My auntie who bought me a jumpsuit when I needed cheering up. I felt truly spoilt.
- My pals for made the effort to check in with me. Like I said, a text means a lot
- The dermatologist who helped me get my skin under control. For the first time in months I can look in the mirror and not be upset by my reflection, itchyness isn't keeping me awake, and existing in my own skin no longer feels like a burden.
- A tidy bedroom. The process of tidying my bedroom, because nothing makes me feel like I've got my life under control quite like making the space around me feel lovely.
- A new plant - need I say more?!
- Feeling healthy enough to go running. The first one did exhaust me so much that I ended up napping the entire day afterwards, but I've been for a few since and other than feeling a little unfit, they went well.
- Yoga: I talk more about my new found love for yoga in this post.
- It takes three network - this podcast network just makes me feel less lonely. I feel like I'm with friends when I listen to it, friends who love the same TV shows as me. I talk more about it here.
- My sleep pattern returning to normal after months of insomnia
- My eyebrows. A bizarre one, I know, but my skin issues left me with 0 eyebrows (and chunks of hair missing on from my scalp). I'll tell you, not having brows really affects your appearance (and a chunk of time to your makeup routine) seeing those hairs grow back is making me so happy (I've been using this to speed up the growth process)
- Being able to go places and not feel self-conscious. My skin was doing things, which alongside being painful, also didn't look nice. A lot of the time wearing makeup was a no go, and for months I felt so anxious to go anywhere because of how it looked. This week, after the magic the dermatologist worked I was able to leave the house, makeup-free without wondering if anyone was looking at my skin.
- The NHS: If I wasn't lucky enough to have the NHS here in the UK, my overnight hospital stay alone would have been expensive enough, let alone the follow-up dermatology appointment and all the prescribed lotions potions and tablets which have got me on the road to recovery.

What are you grateful for?
beautiful flowers from bloom and wild gifted from friend which I'm feeling grateful for.

A bit of housekeeping:

Thank you for all being so patient with me during the lack of content. I'll be back to posting weekly again, with blogs going live each Monday morning at 9.30am. My Youtube channel will be back  Sunday 22nd March once I've got the all-clear to wear makeup from my Demotologist to wear makeup again - please make sure you subscribe if you haven't already, my impromptu break has had my subscribers dropping like flies.

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