desk flaylay: laptop, career books, glasses, camera, crystals, plant and memory cards

desk flaylay: laptop, career books, glasses, camera, crystals, plant and memory cards
Without a doubt, motivation is something which ebbs and flows. Somedays I've made it through my to-do list by lunchtime, and other days, just making out of bed by lunchtime feels like an achievement. Sometimes we just need a break and sometimes sh*t happens. For lately the combination of the two, has left my blog a little quiet, I have a list of excuses from a kidney infection to interview prep taking priority - but this post isn't about the excuses, it's about moving forward after them, and finding motivation after that break.

Self Care 

Chances are, if you had an impromptu break from blogging (or whatever it might be for you) there was probably a reason - whether it was the work piling up so much that the only logical things to do about it, is to ignore it (yes, I genuinely get this sometimes) or maybe you've been feeling under the weather. Either way, the break was probably needed, so before you dive back into getting stuff done, check-in with yourself. Are you feeling refreshed? Have you given yourself the self-care you need and deserve? If not take some time for yourself first. For the best results, you want to go in feeling like the best version of yourself. I have a new Youtube Video on How to have the ultimate selfcare day when you need to get back to feeling like yourself, you can find it here, or at the bottom of this post.

Get organised

 Get a diary, notebook, bullet journal or whatever and get those ideas out, onto paper, when with have ideas swirling around in our heads, it can get a bit overwhelming, ideas get lost and warped, and we can feel bogged down. Write down your ideas, figure out your deadlines and a schedule, mindmap, plan and find the excitement in seeing the map you've just made of all the things you'll create.

Look to those who inspire you 

One of my favourite things to do when I'm lacking motivation is to look to the work of others. I'll watch a youtube video that inspires, read my favourite blogs and flick through magazines. Surrounding myself with content I love inspires me.

Know you're why

 If you don't know why you're doing the stuff, the likelihood is, you just won't do it. If you have a blog, know why it's important to do if you're writing a book, know why you want to tell that story. Give yourself a reason to put the work in.

Revise your to-do list 

Take a look at your to-do list, do you find it helpful or overwhelming?  Remember the purpose of a to-list is to help, not to set off panic sirens in your brain. Is there something on your list which just get pushed to the next day? If you haven't done it yet, is it really necessary? Take out the things which are using up space and stressing you out, and narrow it down to the essentials. Once your to-do list looks friendlier,  ticking it off will be easier.

Set goals 

I find setting short term goals helps set the wheels into motion. For example, today I've decide this very blog post needs to be drafted before lunchtime, and here I am, typing away to meet my made-up deadline. Goals, of course, can be both short term or long term, I like to set both, so I have an idea of the future I'm working towards, and some goals to motivate my day.

Make it nice

Make doing the work as nice as it can be, check your space is organised and inspiring, maybe have you favourite drink and some nice snacks, light a candle if you're feeling wild. Work with friends if that helps, or make your way to a coffee shop if you like background noise and a latte. Little tiny luxuries make all the difference as to whether you associate being productive with positivity or negativity. You don't want to waste time looks for the scissors and distracted by a funky smell - your environment is everything, so make it nice.

Do the work

 Once I watched an organisation video on Hannah Witton's Youtube channel, and her last tip, was most obvious, but also the most helpful, so I'm just going to repeat it here. Do the work. Things don't do themselves, you actually need to sit down and get stuff done. Just start, that tends to. be the most difficult part. Once you've started, you're on your way.

I'm so happy to be back to blogging, and these things have certainly got the motivation flowing. What are your top motivation tips?

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