Sunset over Bristol Harbourside

Veggie brunchie and plant in coffee shop

Blue skies and blossom trees
 Browns Bristol Restaurant and Prawn Linguine Meal
Sunset over water

Indoor plants at plant shop
What I've Been Up To:

- I had a slight blog break as I notice my mental health suffering slightly
- My friends Hannah and Hannah came over for a Pizza Making Evening.
- It was my Mums birthday so we celebrated with a meal at Browns
-  I finally got around to putting up my gallery wall
- My friend Gavin returned after being away travelling for a couple of years, so I had some friends round for drinks, it felt like we were 16 again drinking in my kitchen.
- Hungover the next day, a couple of us headed for brunch and a day in the sun
- On my sisters birthday, we went for a walk along the Harbourside and to get some lunch.
- As ever, my friend Kelsey and I had a good old catch up, with a coffee and a walk along the Harbourside.

Reading | Articles:

- Ferne Cotton on Step Families in Red Magazine
- Laura Jane Williams on Moving Back Home in Red Magazine
Sara Tasker on Being the Main Breadwinner in Stylist
Elizabeth Day on All The Things I Wish I'd Known About Success at 16 in The Evening Standard
Taylor Swift on 30 Things She Learned by 30 in Elle
Stevie Martin on How Hello Can Be The Hardest Word in Comedy in The Guardian
What It's Like To Be The Fat Person Sitting Next to You on a Plane in The Medium

Reading | Blogs:

Oh So India Charlotte: No More Comments
What Olivia Did on Wedding Diets
Hello October's Monday Motivation

Reading | Books:

- Everything I Never Told You by Celeste NG
- Still Me by Jojo Moyes


- This is Us: It is truly the best series I've ever watched and would 120% recommend it
- New Girl: I felt in need of a laugh so decided to revisit New Girl and it's definitely delivered in the laugh department.
- Brain on Fire: I thought this netflix film was incredible, the acting was great and it really got me thinking.


The Fringe of It with Lucy Sheridan
CTRL ALT DELETE with Jameela Jamil
Love Stories with Lily Allen

Writing (yes, a new segment for my monthly roundup where I'll share pieces I've written elsewhere, as it's about time I started shouting about my own work):

- I've also decided to start a newsletter, where I write ~deep~ stuff and do some soul searching in a place which feels like a safe space - I'm yet to send out the first one, but I've been writing them up and excited to start this new project. You can subscribe to it here


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