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Emails are strange. They can drive us insane. The notification ping of our iPhone can cause anxiety and depend on the content of one of those little digital messages, an email can make, or break your day. Seeing the increasing number next to the envelope icon on my phone makes me feel on edge, and usually, it's just filled with junk which I don't remember subscribing to in the first place. My inbox hasn't always been a joyful place, it can be filled with junk I don't want alongside job rejection letters, which funnily enough, I don't want either.

I remember the first time I found myself actually excited about emails. I'd subscribed to Emma Gannon's newsletter which at the time, went out weekly on a Sunday. I used to look forward to reading with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning, it made that once dreaded inbox, a place I wanted to visit.

I soon after subscribed to Laura Jane Williams newsletter How to Eat An Elephant, and amongst the junk, there was something beautiful to read, I found my body covered in goosebumps as I read her words on the bus.

Over time I've curated my inbox, to make it something I enjoy slightly more, I unsubscribed to the junk trying to sell me things which I neither need nor want and subscribed to some of that mail I can value.

So beyond Laura, and Emma who's newsletter made me find some joy behind that little envelope icon, here are some of the other news note which adds a hint of magic to my inbox.

An Edited Life by The Anna Edit - Anna's monthly news note 'An Edit Life' is probably the most practical of the bunch. If you're someone who loves organisation and planning Anna always shares some great tips, alongside some of her favourite pieces of media she's consumed through the month.

Sunday Duvet Reading by What Olivia Did - Liv's weekly Sunday Duvet Reading newsletter is where she's has a little chat about the things she's been up to and what she's been in enjoying.

Conversations on Love by Natasha Lunn - Natasha Lunn Conversations on Love is a place where love is explored through a mixture of essays and interviews. The writing is enchanting and informative.

You, Me and A Cup of Tea by Ghenet Actually: Ghenet's newsletter is great. Similar to Liv's, it's a bit of chat, perfect for reading with a cup of tea.

Freelance Writer by Sian Meades - If you're a freelance writer, this newsletter will come in super hand. The newsletter is full of links to paid writing jobs.

Let me know if you subscribe to any of these wonderful newsletters, they all make my inbox feel a little brighter.

Something I've been considering for a long time is starting my own newsletter. I wanted to create somewhere which I can allow myself to be more vulnerable in my writing to use my words to do some soul searching, and a safe space to write for the sake of writing, to explore my thoughts and practice my writing - so finally I bite the bullet, and created a tinyletter account which you can subscribe here. For now, my newsletter, Soul Searching it will go out as and when I find myself typing out my thoughts and feel they're worth sharing.

I'm a little nervous about starting this. I've been known to go back into blog posts and edit them after hitting the publish button as I'm prone to a typo or two, so I know despite my best efforts, my newsletter may not always be perfect, but as the saying goes, better perfect than finished. Sometimes I think it's about more than perfection, if I've got something to say, I should create a space to say it, typos and all (but hopefully not too many of those).

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Flatlay image: macbook pro, book this modern love, notebook, pen - Newsletter recommdendations blog post