Two friends going for a walkLifestyle blogger Chloe Harriets going for a walk
Two friends smiling
Blogger Chloe Harriets out of a winter walk
Friends going for a walk through the woods
Two friends smiling on nature walk
Three friends smiling on nature walk

What I've Been Up To:

Two friends smiling on nature walk- Drinks with Kelsey: Myself and my friend Kelsey went for coffee one Friday afternoon, and after chatting about evverrrything over a latte, we decided to switch to wine and I found myself getting home at feeling a bit tipsy at 3am and in the best mood.

- A Sunday walk and roast with friends: A tradition I have with some of my friends going for a pub roast and a walk through nature on the occasional Sunday. So this month we went to Woodchester Park for our walk and it was wonderful.

- Valentines Day of Self Care: Being single on Valentine's day, I didn't do anything too exciting, but I did make the decision to have a lovely day nonetheless. I vlogged it which you can find here.

- Pinterest: This probably seems like a bit of a random thing to go on the list, but this month I've got so into Pinterest that I wanted to include it. If you're also a Pinterest lover, you can follow me here.

- Craigs Birthday Night: It was my friend Craigs birthday, so we went for drinks to celebrate. It was so much fun while I was there, but sadly, I was feeling slightly poorly, so I had to leave pretty early.


The O.C: Yes, this is the first time I'm watching The O.C, so I'm pretty late to the party. I'm up to the start of season 4 (which is a bit like WTF so far). I like the series, but I don't love it, I'm definitely enjoying it enough that I've completely binged the first three seasons, but I feel it had the potential to be better, however, this opinion is based on going into the series with such high expectations.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: On the second time watching A Year in the Life, I'm still unsure how I feel about it. There are parts of it I found disappointing and parts I found brilliant.


- Gilmore Guys (I'm finally coming to end of it now)
- CTRL ALT Delete with Sara Tasker
- The Sunday Salon with Charly Cox


Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. It's taking me a while to read this, because (unpopular opinion) so far I don't love it.

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