As we are halfway through 2018 (how?!) I thought I'd look through my New Years Goals and see how/if they're coming along. I think we can all agree this year is flying by, so it time to regain some focus on my goals before we're counting down to 2019. 

Let's talk about where I am with those goals I blogged about 6 months ago...

1) Write the book

Well, I've written more than last year, but nowhere near as much as I intended, I'm only 6014 words in. The thing about a big project is, it's scary. It is fear which I guess has kept me making excuses, and stopped me writing. It's left me feeling that dreaded feeling of 'not good enough'. I wanted to have more than 4 times more written by this Summer, however, realising I haven't come close to reaching that might just be the kick up the bum I need to get writing. I am going to set an alarm to remind myself each day that I need to spend the minimum of 1-hour writing. My laptop is also going to start coming with me to work so I can make the most of my lunch breaks.

2) Save and make more money than last year

 Recently I had the realisation that the only way to save more money. is to either earn more money or budget better, so with that in mind I recently started putting in more hours at work. I'm hoping the 2nd half of the year will bring me a new career, which will again bring more money into my life. So far, I've not made as much as I would like, but that's changing. I recently set up a direct debit, so I put money into saving the moment I get paid.

3) Be the planner, organise things

 really struggle with this, I'm not naturally assertive, but reading back over that goal has made me text a few of my friends to make plans. I've definitely improved, but I'm still not the greatest planner. It's something I'm still working on.

4) Take better care of my body 

 I'm pleased to say, this is one I'm really doing. Although I could probably do with moisturising my legs a bit more and painting my toes nails more often, I'm eating a lot better, I'm seeing a personal trainer 3 times a week, I'm going for runs and do yoga, and I'm seeing serious changes in how I'm looking and feeling.

5) Visit more places

I definitely need to plan a few more trips, some staycations would be nice. I do have an actual beach holiday coming up at the end of the month. There has also been a little talk of a few other weekends away with friends. Hopefully, I'll soon have a driving licence and a car, so I'll then have a lot more freedom to take myself to more places.

6) Take steps towards buying a house

 Beyond setting up a direct debit to my savings, I've not moved too far forward with this one, however, it was always something which was going to come later in the year when I'm feeling more settled with that new career which I feel coming my way.

7) Gain some success and direction in my career

This is always a funny one. I feel I am taking steps they are just small ones. I've interviewed for jobs which I didn't get. But still, I turned up. Although I'm not earning from the blog, I'm beginning to feel less invisible in the blogging world, a step which needed to come first. I've noticed the comments on my blog become more thoughtful. I've gained a few follows from people I think are really valuable to the industry (I mean, hello Lucy Sheridan on Instagram and Emma Gannon on Twitter!). 

New Day Knitwear has been changed to something more personal for the founder Stacie Clark Knit, I had some coaching with Laura Jane Williams, decided to start sharing my poetry, and now Stacie has begun Crocheting my words, to be displayed in an exhibition! (more about that here)

My blog was mentioned on a Jessica Jade Beauty blog post. So all in all, I'm feeling a little more visible and that's seems the start of something big. I'm also planning on spending my day applying for the most perfect job, so I'm crossing my fingers and all of my other limbs. 

With my career is feels like I've moved nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Although currently working the same job I've always worked, things are falling into place, and more than ever I believe myself when I say it's not my forever job, and the career I've been in search of for all these years in heading my way. 

8) Take Youtube more seriously

This is a funny one if anything I've done the opposite because honestly, Youtube hasn't felt like a priority. I'm at a stage where I'd rather my time went into my writing. Although I still love creating videos, and will still do it whenever I feel I have something to share with my audience, I want my focus to be on building this blog, improving my writing and finishing my book. I am however trying to make the videos I am creating the best possible quality and I think this is something which is showing. 

9) Don't accept less than wonderful

Without a doubt, I've got better at this. I don't settle so much. I put my energy into making the things I already have wonderful and I don't let people walk all over me like I used to. Having said that, I'm still not perfect at this occasion I pick heart over head and make time for someone who is flaky, I'm learning when to draw the line through which is the important part. 2018 so far, I've felt pretty contented which I think is both because of this goal and making this goal more sustainable. When I'm happy, the wonderful things come my way, and therefore I don't have the time for the things which aren't. I have the self-respect now, to drop the people who are crap to me, without making exceptions. 

Reflecting back on the goals I set myself at the start the year has really reminded me to get writing and pick up the phone and plan so trips with friends. It's also made me realise priorities change, and some things are more important than ever, and you can't necessarily do everything. I think I've moved the farthest with my goal to look after myself better, I've actually become one of those people who enjoy working out. Reading back over the goals has also given me a confidence that everything will fall into place, with my career especially where although it doesn't seem as though I've moved very far forward, I feel I'm on the edge of something. Now, I've got a book to write. 

Thanks for reading!