There are some things which I am very proud of, one of them being my degree in Fashion, another is running my little blog, however, today I wanted to speak about what those things mean to other people. The thing is, people often don't get the whole blog thing, or the fashion thing because those are not things which interest them, which is perfectly okay with me, the world would be a very boring place if we all shared the same interests.

However, when somebody tells me about their passions I try to go in with an open mind, and if I really can't relate I'll look for common ground elsewhere, as there is always more to someone than just that snippet of love which they've just told you about. Yet still I feel as though a person picture of who I am shrinks, as tell them what I decided to study, and that is all they begin to see.

It's as though once you tell other you've completed a degree in Fashion they will then reference what you are wearing, and ask if you make your own clothes. As much as I'm up for small talk, that is only one aspect of my life, there's no need to get stuck for words as I tell you I bought the clothes I'm wearing, just as you did. There are other things you can speak to me about, and other things I enjoy to speak about. Don't belittle me because you have less understanding of what I've done with my life, and realise I live in the same world as you. Yes, I may have opened some different doors, but we're in the same corridor - there's bound to be common ground. You may, in fact, learn I have a lot to say on subjects which do interest you, and I'm actually capable of thinking about more than dresses.

I love fashion and beauty and I love speaking and writing about Fashion and Beauty, I'm not going to deny that, however people tend to assume it's all I'm capable of speaking/writing about - which is belittling to the incredible world of fashion and beauty, and damn right insulting to my mind, and my body, both of which are capable of greater things than you and I both know.

Being great passions of mine, Fashion and Beauty are both things I love to speak about - however behind the pretty dresses and perfect contour (let's be honest, neither of which I have, yet desire both), I am so much more than that.

Sometimes I feel the idea somebody has a passion can overpower people and their vision of that person, clouding their perspective as the choose to see just the passion, and fail to see the person.

When you think of what you know about a person, I believe it's also very important to consider what you've allowed yourself to know about them. You many think I only have knowledge of fashion and beauty but have you stopped to think that you've only ever asked me about fashion and beauty? What we choose to learn about other people shapes who they are to us. You can decide whether you want to know someone in the fullest possible way, or if you'd like to scratch on the surface - each way you will know two very different people who happen to be in the same body.

Does anyone find the 'about' or the 'bio' on blogs and social media particularly challenging to fill out? I do (that's probably more than clear by the poorly written description of myself on this blog). However much I try, I just don't think "I'm Chloe, I'm 24, I blog as a hobby and have a degree in Fashion" really gives much of who I am, at all. I have experienced a lot during my life so far, and every experience, every person, every memory has shaped the persons I have become, my lust for learning, and my urgency of growth. That doesn't quite come across in a sentence about what I studies and how I enjoy passing the time.

My day contains 24 hours, as does the day of every successful person on this earth. From Beyonce to Obama, there is always 24 hours in a day. Now I do a lot more with this 24 hours than play with makeup, think about fashion and sleep. I work a long day. I leave for work around 7am each day and return home around 7pm every day. That's five days week. Yet I still have time to spend with friends, and family, to draw, to run, to read, to learn, to film, and photography, to think, to write.

In modern day society it would be nice for people to believe there was more to a person than one of the things which we like, and each day we do more than that one thing. Filling each day is a choice I make because I want each day to be more than one thing, as I am more than one thing. I believe as humans we learn and choose to grow. I put my energy into become more, and I think that deserves recognition.

This is not just a fashion/beauty blog which I write when I get bored. It's my thoughts and feelings, it's lifestyle, my lifestyle. My memories, my photography, my hard work, and dedication.

I, amongst everyone else who walks this earth am not a one-dimensional person. Yes, I like fashion. There are many other things I also like, and I have far more to say and louder thoughts than some people might assume.

I have been living, breathing and learning for over 24 years now, there are a lot of things I've grown to like, and dislike. I have a love for writing, not just fashion writing either. I write creative pieces, I write poetry. I have a growing opinion on the world around me, I'm a feminist, a photographer, and an artist. I paint, I write, I draw, I think, I feel.

I am so much more than I fashion graduate. I am so much more than a beauty blogger.
It's time I started taking pride in who I am and my opinions. I'm going to be spending a lot more time running with the freedom of blogging. I'm going to be touching on my some more serious subjects, because I have am mind where thoughts float around, and if it's worth thinking about, it's probably also worth writing about. If it matter to me, it matters full stop.

Now I hope we've all got on glasses on, time to stop viewing through blurry lenses.
There are so many sides to me, people could see if they choose to look beyond 'just another beauty blogger', 'she a fashion graduate'. I'll tell you, it's bloody great to be a beauty blogger, and a fashion graduate. And still all of the other aspects there great too - if you choose to be open enough to witness them. Even my many flaws make up the person I am today, and I'm finally beginning to feel accepting of who I am. I think it's time other people look for and accepted this person too.

When did I become one of my passions? Shouldn't people see my passions as an extension of who I am, a little extra goodie added on, not the whole package?

I feel it's time some people took a moment to adjust their focus.