I recently spent a little too much time reorganising my bookshelves to shake off the cluttered unorganised feeling they gave me. I took a lot of my books to hide away in a cupboard, as although I may want them again at some point, but I don't want them displayed in my room which gave me a little more space to work with. Being a book lover, it's hard to narrow down favourite books, and some of them are just so beautiful that I just wanted to show them off.

Firstly I attempted to, somewhat, put the books into categories, and  then I popped them in the prettiest ordered on the shelf - by colour. 

I wanted to make room for more than just books on these shelves, so I made sure to save some space. In these areas, I place some of my other bits, bobs and decorative pieces which didn't really have a 'home' in my bedroom.

I decided to use the full length of the top shelf entirely for books.
 This is where I put the more beautiful books and the ones which have some personal value to me. It soon became a shelf for the classics. 

On this shelf sits my collection of collectors library books. I think these little books are so sweet. Once I'd purchased one, I found myself added them to my basket over and over again.

Also on this shelf I've got some beautiful editions of Dickens books, A old copy of Punch and Judy which I got as a gift for my 21st birthday, a copy of Brontë sister novels which my my Nan gave me, with some Winnie the Pooh, Gatsby and Peter Pan thrown into the mix. 

I'll be honest, I'm still yet to read all of the books on this shelf, but of the ones I have read I would definitely recommend The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
To add some finishes touches to this shelf sit two little souvenirs I bought in India, and a Rose Quartz Healing Crystal.
The shelf below consists of books I've been reading more recently or intend to read in the near future. My favourite here is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstein. It is one of the most magical books I've ever read and I would strongly recommend reading it. I also love Papertowns by John Green (although it's not my favourite book by him, Looking for Alaska takes that spot) and the Calm book is a lovely little lifestyle book if you want to focus on bringing a sense of calm to your life. 

Besides reading material on this shelf, I keep a few things which fall under the creative category. Lead down I have a sketch which I'm hoping to turn into a scrapbook at some point, underneath this I've got an adult colouring book (yes, I jumped on that bandwagon) On top of that sits a pot of pens, pencils and paint brushes. And behind I have a notebook which I use for my bullet journal.
The third shelf down has a lot fewer books than the others. On this shelf, I keep some of Vogue magazines that I like to occasionally have a flick through.
I also have a mini set of drawers with the sweetest little sewing machine on top. In these drawers I like to keep a few spare pieces of makeup, it's the perfect size for back up mascaras, and less used eye shadow pots. 
This sits on my top my 'Makeup' book by Michelle Phan.
I also have two cute wooden cotton reels where I keep, yet more ribbon...you can never have too much ribbon, right?
My second to last shelf, I like to keep my ribbon dispenser. I got this in Laura Ashley a few years back and I have got to say, you'll be will surprised how much use I have got out of this. I'm ribbon obsessed. Of course I have some embroidery scissors handy on top of the dispenser to snip my ribbons. Underneath this I keep some of my Elle magazines, again incase I fancy a little flick through. I have a range of books here, including lifestyle, novel, biographies and poetry If you looking for novels to read I'd recommend The Perk of Being a Wallflower and Thirteen Reason Why (review here) from this shelf, and if you need to motivation to have a big clear out or to get some organisation in your home I'd pick up The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.
Last but certainly not least, I have my much loved Harry Potter series on the bottom shelf - I'd like to think you've all already read these so I shouldn't need to say any more about how wonderful they are. I also have a mystic hand jewellery stand from Urban Outfitters where I drape my silver jewellery.
The final finishing touch on my bookshelf is mirrored letters down the side which say 'Read'.
My mum gave me these letters, and there was an M as well - it was supposed to spell 'Dream', however the M got broke so I switched the letters up a bit to say 'Read', I've got to say I far prefer it saying Read on my bookshelf - such a lovely gentle reminder how important I believe it is to find time to pick up a book.