To be completely honest, I haven't been in the best place recently. I'm not feeling completely (or slightly) satisfied with life at the moment, and when you have that lost feeling weighing on your shoulders, it's hard to not let little annoyance become much more that than. I cried for half hour this morning because I burnt my toast and it felt like the world was against me (no joke. It's sad I know.)
Of course when you feel low, you always need to search for a way to pick yourself up (even if it's not immediately, there's only so long you can cry over burnt toast!)

When this happens there are a few things I like to do to feel better once I'm done feeling sorry for myself.

Firstly, I do believe we feel whatever we're feeling, no matter how ridiculous it may be, there is a reason we feel this way. If you're sad allow yourself to feel sad, just don't over do it.  It's important you know when enough, is enough and it's time to get out of bed and wipe your tears.

Today I was struggling to get myself out of my funk, when a book on my shelf caught my eye. It was the Calm book (which I spoke about in this haul video). I decided to get it down and have a flick through. This is  the first time I have looked through the book when in need of a sense of calm, and I've got to say it was honestly a lot more effective than I'd expected. The book contains a lot of imagery and typography to give both a calming affect and give a sense of it's not really that bad is it. There are also activity in the book to keep you calm - I traced my finger through maze and felt a hell of a lot better having done so (who knew that was thing?)

I know you may not own this book, but I think something which you can easily reach for to calm you down helps. I believe sometimes to get out of your own head you need something physical you can hold, to move your attention and focus your energy in a nicer place to be (I think you can also get calm cards which I think it the best idea when your losing your cool out of the house.) So if you don't have this book find/buy something physical which can bring you a sense of calm. It's hard to do all of that just inside your head.

Talking about how physical things can help you keep your cool, my next point is quite the opposite, physical things can also encourage low points. Be aware of your surroundings. If you hauled up in bed in a room with closed windows and curtains, wardrobes and drawers open, dirty laundry on the floor, and a big piles of uncompleted paper work sat around, you're just not really going to feel great are you. Give things a clean and tidy. Not only is it quite therapeutic, but once hidden away your to do list, let in some fresh air and made sure you can walk across the room without stepping on your belongings, you mind space is a lot more likely to be as clear as your physical space. I'm sure you've all heard the saying 'a clear space, a clear mind' - there's a reason people say that!

When we are in a bad mood we tend to blame it on everything and nothing. Rather than thinking, "That's annoying I'll make another piece" we find our mind headed to this dark spiral of ridiculousness "I burnt my toast, that just another crap thing. I'm also not enjoying work, and I wish my appearance were different and I can't afford something I want to buy" (I'm not the only one who does this when I'm sad, right?" Try analysing what is actually wrong, because I guarantee the toast is not what's getting you down, and neither are these ridiculous reason you've just decided your life is awful either. Make it simple. What are your basic needs?
Are you hungry? (well, obviously I burnt my toast!) We are all a victim of getting a little hangry once in a while. Have you drank much water, you could be dehydrated! Did you get much sleep last night? You get the point right? Our problems seem so much worse when we're not taking care of ourself. Have a shower, of course you feel like crap, you smell.

Remember what you love doing, I'm sure it's not actually eating so many chocolate buttons you could throw up in your bed whilst you cry. Today I whipped out my laptop and read some of my favourite blogs. Something I've not done in a while. I have a extremely bad habit of abandoning the things I love doing when I'm feeling low, and instead throwing my very own pity part. This recently absents from my own blog has stemmed from something of the sort. I think it's partly to do with a lack of inspiration. However inspiration always comes back, even when it's unexpected,  I'm basically writing this blog post because of a piece of burnt toast, and still I cannot seem to stop typing. (Congratulations if you're still reading, I'm impressed!)

Try to remember what you love doing, and force yourself to do it, even if you don't feel like it. Get out your sketchbook, get out your notebook, get creative. If you don't feel like writing or drawing or whatever it is you do yourself, read something someone else wrote, look at something else art.
Be you by doing what you love, or simply keeping it close. I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulder now I've found the inspiration to write again. I feel like me again. Reading a few blogs has really turned my morning around. Rather than feeling sorry for myself I found an escape which reminded me to come back down to earth by doing what I enjoy.

Lastly make plans. Having something to look forward to is a great reminder that whatever is going on now is temporary. After my huge strop over, well, nothing (or toast) I went downstairs and asked my mum if she wanted to go to the cinema next weekend. If I have a rubbish week at work, at least I know I'm going to have a nice time at the weekend. You literally get yourself out of your funk by planning to get out.

I'll be very impressed if you've read all the way to end of this post, sorry for the lengthiness, when inspiration has been lacking, when it finally comes, sometimes it's in the form of word vomit.

What helps you keep your calm?