I am sure there won't be many of you reading this who haven't heard of the lipstick Velvet Teddy by MAC, it is, of course, the lipstick which Kylie Jenner is rumoured to wear to achieve her famous 'my lips but better look' which so many of us lust after. After all the hype, and trying the colour out several times, I decided it was the time I picked one up for myself.

I have found I have a love, hate relationship with nude lipsticks. I love them on other people, however, the majority of the time I hate how they look at me. I'm not really too sure why I just struggle to pull off a nude lip, I find they don't often suit my skin tone and quite often I feel they make me look unwell, not exactly a desirable look. 
I don't often wear a nude lip when I do I feel more self-conscious as I'm used to a bright lip, so it's a shock switching to a nude, so maybe they don't look as bad on me as I think. Nonetheless, several times I have bought nude lipstick and gave them away because I have felt they don't suit me as soon as I have got them home. Why am I rambling on about my constant nude lip struggle? Because this one is a keeper. So many have said it's about finding the perfect nude shade for you. Velvet Teddy is mine.

It's quite a dark nude colour with a brown and peach tone to it and a matte finish. The shade is darker than the nudes I usually pick up which I think compliments my skin tone more, and also makes a statement of a subtle lip.

I find this lipstick is fairly long-lasting and not too drying considering it has a matt finish. If you're looking for a new nude lip, I definitely recommend trying this shade out!