Recently I popped to Lush and ended up picking up a few more bits than I'd expected.
I went to the Lush in Bristol Cribbs Causeway, and the girl there was so lovely and helpful, I couldn't myself when it came to spending on some of the things she recommended.

Of course, going to Lush I had to get myself a few bath bombs, as you can see  I got some different bath bombs and bubble bars. Firstly I picked up a Twilight bath bomb, as I thought it would be the perfect treat to relax in a bath before bed. I have already used this one. It created the prettiest lavenders smelling, which was super relaxing - I even found the swirls of pastel pinks in a blues in my bath relaxing to watch. It is definitely one for before bed though.

I also got the Big Blue bath bomb, unlike the Twilight bath bomb I had never heard of this one before, so did not know what to expect. However the lady at the till told me it's great when you've got a hangover - and apparently, I'm pretty easy to sell to, because hearing that I quickly popped one in my basket.

Once again I have already used this one (and no, I didn't wait until I was hungover to give it a try, so can't really say if she was right). I liked it, it turned my bath blue, and the centre was filled with seaweed! I smell lovely and relaxing and my skin felt great after, however, I found it to be quite messy - I have to clean seaweed from the bath afterwards. Also unlike the Twilight bath bomb, it wasn't so pretty to look at. I'm glad I tried that one, and I enjoyed using it, but if I'm honest I won't be rushing to get that one again!

I went back to an old favourite bubble bar and got myself the Amandopondo bubble bar, which I'm sad to say on my shopping trip the lady told me they were discontinuing but I did write a blog post on this one a while back which you can find here, if you want to get hold of one, I'd pop to Lush ASAP before they're all gone.

As well as all the bath bits I got myself the Sea Salt face and body scrub and the Dirty styling cream.

I've been looking for a new scrub so decided to try out the Sea Salt Scrub. I've got to say it does the job, and leaves my skin silky smooth, however, although it is a great product I doubt I'll be buying it again, I think maybe I was a  bit of an idiot when it came to buying this because I don't love it, as it's too salty... which it pretty much says in the name. I've stopped using it on my face because I feel like I'm going for a swim in the sea every time I do, and no matter how hard I try, I always end up with the taste of it in my mouth. Yuck. However as I said, the name of the product does give the sea saltiness away, yet still, I somehow didn't expect it to be quite so salty.

One of the girls working there advised me to pick up the Dirty Style Cream, as I explained to her my hair is wavy underneath, yet straight and flat on top, so the top needs a little something, so in my basket it went. 
I do like this product and it does the job, however I'm not sure it is quite what I was looking for. As it's a styling cream you need to apply with your fingers, your very much in control of where you put the product, which is great, unless I want the product all over the top layer of your hair. As it's a cream, too much product can also make the hair appear a little more greasy than it is, and it clumps together more that I'd like. I think for me this product it's a little too hair work (lazy I know) and my hair is too long for it, I think it would be great for someone with shorter hair which needs spiky, or holding back, rather than longish hair which kind of hangs. I'm not really sure what I am getting at if I'm honest, I just find this product harder to use my hair that I'd like, I think a spray product would be much more suited to me. 

I am of course a big fan of Lush, so I'd love to hear any Lush product recommendations you have and your opinions on the ones I've spoken about here! :)