Every now and then I find it quite refreshing to consider the type of person I am, in comparison to who I'd like to be, and attempt to figure out what I could do in order to move a few steps closer to that person. So I decided to set myself a few little goals for this Summer and maybe beyond

- Get out my sketchbook more. Try to draw each day, even if only for 10 minutes. I sometimes let myself forget how much I love art, and what good things painting and drawing do for my head.

- Meditate, I've recently been using my headspace app and I've been feeling great for it.
- Try out new healthy recipes, be more conscious of what I'm eating
- Take my camera out, take photos, practice taking photos, and scrapbook
-Run outside a few times a week
- Save money
- Blog more lifestyle
- Write more
- Read more

 -Spend more time outdoors
 -Sort my room, go through things, give to charity
- Start listening to new music
- Catch up with old friends
- Take better care of my skin
- Fall in love with a new hobby
- Vlog - I love vlogging, I think it's a great way to save memories, however, I do not do it nearly often enough (you can find my youtube channel here)
- Get back into sewing

- Get up earlier, make the most of each day, be productive
 - Dress well - I find feeling as though I look good leads to feeling good
- Practice Crochet - I've taught myself to crochet, it's something I want to improve on and continue doing.

Hopefully, I'll somewhat be able to stick to these goals. What are you planning this Summer?
Love Chloe x