I'm not really into lip balms much, mainly because it is not often my lips feel dry so they don't seem like something I need, plus I  also usually have lipstick or gloss on my lips, therefore lip balms aren't usually something I find myself buying.

However, when my sister had some unused Body Shop Lip Balms she didn't want,  so of course, I was going to take them off her hands. I wasn't really expecting to get much use from them if I am completely honest. However, I have found myself pleasantly surprised.

I have been using these lip balms so much more than I expected. They smell so delicious I'm always half tempted to eat them! All of the scents are very sweet and strong. The scents I have are Passionberry, Raspberry, and two Watermelon ones. I really like all of the flavours, I'm a sucker for sweet smells. My favourite is the Raspberry, but I have been getting so much use out of all of them.

Obviously being lip balms they do not give your lips much colour despite how colourful they may look in the packaging. However this has not prevented me using them, as I just been using them in the morning and evenings to give my lips a bit of moisture, and it is safe to say I have definitely seen a difference in my lips - they feel a lot softer, which also means my lipstick applies much smoother which is always good.

Even if you don't feel you need these I would recommend trying them out, they have made such a difference to my lips, despite my lips never feeling in need of lip balm in the first place!