Firstly I would like to say sorry I'm a bit late to the game with this blog post. I have had the photographs taken and the post half written for ages, however as I am currently working in retail, and Christmas in nearing I have been required to work more hours recently, so have only just had the chance to give this blog post some much needed finishing touches. 

November has came and gone very quickly this year. I have to say, November has been a pretty good month for me. I have my birthday at the start of the month, I started a new job, which I am happy with, for now. It was also my brothers and best friends birthday towards the end of the month. Anyway with all these little exciting things going on the month seemed to fly by, and it's not half way through December and I'm only just getting around to publishing my November favourites.

Pied A Terre Black Leather Purse
My first favourite was a birthday present from my Mum, so thank you very much Mum. It's a purse from the brand Pied A Terre. I find this purse is so much more convenient than my last purse because it's much smaller so I can fit it into smaller handbags. Having said it's small, however there is still plenty of room inside the purse. It has two zip compartments, I like to use one for change and the other for receipts, bus tickets, and other bits and bobs, it also has six card compartments (which is just the right amount for me), and a large compartments for cash. I also love the classic look to this purse. It's in neutral colours, which means I can pretty much use it with any bag and outfit. The outside of the purse is a black leather, with snakeskin print detailing, with the inside in a contrast cream colour and golden details. Such a beautiful classic look. It was a great choice, thank you Mum.

My next favourite I have kind of had a love/hate relationship with, yet I could not stop myself reaching for it most days through the month. It's the Rimmel Provocalips in the shade 500 - Kiss me you fool... before I get into talking (well, typing) about the actual product, how cute this the shade name of this product?! 
Anyways... What I love about this product is how long-lasting it is. It's the longest-lasting lip product I have ever used. I can work for the entire day and when I finish my lipstick will still be intact. Considering how much I touch my face (it's a really bad habit I know, I just can't help it), this is amazing for me. The shade I have got is a classic bright red colour which I think is perfect and festive for this time of year, and I can wait to get my hands on some more of the shades. However as I said earlier I have a love/hate relationship with this product, so I'd better share the negatives with you too! This product is very drying on the lips, which obviously isn't ideal. I also don't like the packaging of the product much, I just think it seems quite cheap, obviously, it is a high street product so understandable the packaging isn't so luxurious - however, I'm a sucker for nice packaging, as silly as it seems a lot of the time I buy higher-end products because I love the nice packaging. I also find it a bit more difficult to apply this neatly, I think the is mainly because I'm used to applying lipsticks straight from the bullet, however, this has a lipgloss type wand for application, and if you had read my blog before you'll know I never really wear lipgloss besides the odd Tanya Burr gloss (which I love), meaning I'm not the greatest at apply gloss neatly, which usually isn't a problem with your standard gloss. This product, however, has the pigmentation of a bright red lipstick, so you need to be quite neat with your application. Yet despite these few flaws, I have still found myself reaching for the product on pretty much a daily basis as it's so long-lasting. 

Topshop Lip Liner - Deception
Thirdly I have a lipliner from Topshop in the shade Deception (I think, I can't find a shade name on the product, but looks like the one from searching online). I don't often use lipliners, mainly because I don't own many but I thought it was about time a got myself a dark berry lip liner considering how often I wear berry coloured lips this time of year and berry lips are a pain to keep neat and long-lasting. Anyway, I am definitely beginning to really love this product and will definitely be looking into getting some more of the Topshop lip liners, they're a steal at just £5. What I love the most about this lip liner is how many different lipsticks I've been able to wear it with, I have used it with a fair few shades from my lipstick collection and it's looked great with them all, as well as keeping my lipstick intact just that little bit longer. It also applies really smoothly and I think the package of the pencil is quite cute too.

Taylor Swift - 1989
Music-wise I have really been enjoying Taylor Swifts new album 1989. It's much more of a 'pop' album in comparison to her other albums. I like all of the songs and I love the lyrics Taylor writes - I know some people hate Taylor style of writing, she is an artist people either love or hate - well I love her. I find I can relate to her lyrics, and enjoy listening to the songs. 
What I like most about this album, is although a lot of the songs are about relationship and heartbreak, they don't have a super depressing tone to them if you get what I mean? It's slightly more upbeat than her other albums. 

I also think her style is on point at the moment.. not that has anything to do with the album but seriously look at her...

... I'm not going to lie, I got very distracted from writing this blog post because I have been looking at pictures of Taylor Swift. Major girl crush.

Now back one to my favourites... The next one I have already written a blog post on, it's the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I have begun using to apply my foundation and concealer. I'm not going to go into detail about this one as I have already written an entire blog post on it which you can find here. To put it shortly, it's quick, easy to use and applies to make up nicely for the perfect 'natural' look.

Primark Candle - Red Berry and Jasmine
Last but not least during the month of November I have been enjoying lighting candles a lot. The candles I have been burning were a massive steal costing just 80p from Primark! I have this candle in the scents Red Berry & Jasmine, and Amazon Lily. I also have a larger candle from Primark in the scent Blackcurrant & Orchid (which you can also get a small version of for 80p). I actually prefer the small version of the Primark candles, I think they're cuter, and I also like that they're in clear glass so you can see the flame. Also if you get bored of the scent it's easy enough to just pick up another at just 80p. My favourite of the scents I have is the Red Berry and Jasmine which is a very sweet smell. These candles are great, they are nicely scented and pretty, the only slight complaint is that they don't burn that evenly.. which let's be honest isn't really a problem when you're paying 80p. So if you're looking to get some nice scented candles on a budget Primark is the place to go! I talk more about it in this blog post.

I hope you all had a lovely November! I would love to hear some of your favourites from the month!

Lots of love